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For anyone stumbling on this new…the Harry_read_me text file is 300-odd pages of commentary from a programmer at the Hadley CRU at the center of the Climategate leaks. This is one of the documents to make sense of in understanding … Continue reading

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Climategate shows no sign of fading into insignificance and, as the blogosphere continues to spread ‘discoveries’ by those searching the ‘liberated’ files and emails, the mainstream media is actually reporting it, although some with their customary bias. While there have … Continue reading

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Fellowship of the Tree Rings: An Immoral Tale

The Climategate furore shows no sign of dying down and the big questions now are “Was it a whistleblower?, “Is there more to come?” and “What next?”.  While the skeptical blogs are thriving on discovery of long-suspected foul-play, the exchanges … Continue reading

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Fellowship of the Tree Rings

What a day! After the revelation of hacked files purporting to originate from the Hadley Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, it was impossible not to be sucked into the frenzy of search, read and comment.  Now … Continue reading

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Climate science: forgetting to question the answers

There are two kinds of expert: those whose experience is very focussed and those who are expert in ‘the big picture’, the overview. Climate science has both. Spanning many disciplines, it needs both.  However, it has two other kinds of … Continue reading

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GIStemp Reloaded

Image source: Copyright © 1999-2003 by Jamie Zawinski. Large hands type on a keyboard; out of sight a printer springs to life and green code cascades down the screen. I can make out a few lines of barely intelligible text; … Continue reading

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Climate Fast Food

“How would you like your climate trends, sir? Homogenised, data treated the same the world over with no regard for local conditions? Carefully prepared using the best raw data from reliable sources with a long operational history and local knowledge?” … Continue reading

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The Hockey Stick – A flawed icon

A Giant with Feet of Clay King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a massive statue made out of precious metals but with feet of clay and iron, was interpreted in the bible by Daniel as a warning that the King’s kingdom was … Continue reading

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