The Hockey Stick – A flawed icon

A Giant with Feet of Clay

King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a massive statue made out of precious metals but with feet of clay and iron, was interpreted in the bible by Daniel as a warning that the King’s kingdom was vulnerable to attack and destruction. This expression is now a metaphor for someone or something with hidden flaws – particularly if exalted to high regard by others.

Climate change has been called the single most important issue facing humanity. It dominates international trade, politics, the future direction and even existence of some manufacturing industries, and personal freedoms and finance as we are all bullied, taxed and otherwise cajoled into changing our carbon-generating lives.

While saving energy and moving to increased sustainability is probably a good thing, my own foray into the science behind global warming has led me to understand that the whole thing is based more on conjecture than on solid evidence for an irreversible change turning up Earth’s thermostat. Yes I’ve read the IPCC documents, and actually bothered to look up some of the scientific papers they reference. Instead of the usual arguments for and against and tentative conclusion that is the norm of scientific discourse, in the IPCC document the debate, clearly, is over.

We are warming – aren’t we? Well…..yes, but the more I’ve looked at the measurement stuff, the more I’ve been bothered by it too. I’m inclined to believe the warming and the danger is grossly overestimated and as I develop this site I hope to explain why I – and others – think this. It is like a glass half empty thing. Some people look at the science and see catastrophe, others see change but probably not disaster. And a further group actively starts to question both the conclusions and how they were derived – to go digging.

Never mind clay feet, clay is not something you wish to have under foundations; instability of buildings due to subsidence as clays react to changes in water content is well documented. Hmm, that is a good analogy for the temperature record and climate change. I think I’ll explore that one further at a later date…..

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