Climategate shows no sign of fading into insignificance and, as the blogosphere continues to spread ‘discoveries’ by those searching the ‘liberated’ files and emails, the mainstream media is actually reporting it, although some with their customary bias. While there have been some surprises, such as George Monbiot suggesting Prof Jones should resign, many just don’t get it. This is about transparency and the need for accuracy and unbiased replication.

On Monday BBC Radio 4’s morning news programme interviewed Lord Lawson (former UK Chancellor) and Univ. of East Anglia spokesperson Prof. Robert Watson. I was sent some very damning quotes. If you are in the UK you can listen to this here (the interview starts at 1:34 approx.)
Lord Lawson says he is:

“open minded about the science; extremely sceptical about the policy”

on global warming which is supposedly underpinned by this science – yes, this is the science, the uncertain science that would now change whole economies and all our lives. Prof Watson apparently used some very interesting language, saying that the data was

“not manipulated in any bad way whatsoever”

– of the emails, that the wording was

“inappropriate and they should have been more careful”

and, again of the data, it is

“totally consistent with two independent data sets”  (NASA GISS and NOAA)

“not manipulated or hiding anything”

and finally that the climate is changing and

“this data set along with other [independent] datasets proves this beyond doubt”


“that they have not manipulated data in any negative sense”

Oh dear!

I was also pointed to a blog yesterday GISS says:European Thermometers Don’t Work that has an interesting analysis of GISS data which is consisent with the digging I have been doing in collaboration with others.  And finally let me say something cryptic as a peek into the future – in the last few days I have seen global warming disappear on a computer screen. It is all about the data and what has been done with it.

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