Climate Data: Getting Serious

It is hard to believe yesterday marked four weeks from the start of Climategate and the publicity around the emails/files coming out of the Hadley Centre. This week it has been interesting to see the growing number of sites analysing temperature data and how it is adjusted, manipulated and in some cases ignored. Steve McIntyre has of course been past (and present) master of this, but knowledge of data sources and climate model processing methods has spread via the web and everyone has started to dig deeper into what has been done.

This blog was named for such investigation, since I’ve long thought that the elevation of the hockey stick and the whole global warming thing to iconic status makes it a giant with feet of clay – poorly founded and ready to crumble. Unfortunatly my background and lack of serious computing knowledge means it is likely that I will be no more than a foot soldier in this long march. I like to think I have contributed in a small way to setting up something big (more eventually….I hope), but we’ll see. One thing I can do is report on it – if I can keep up with the technical stuff and I can – just, perhaps I can make it more accessible too.

I’ve enjoyed reading some very diverse stuff on blogs this week and people are always sending me interesting links. As a way of bookmarking some of the more technical analyses posted this week, here’s what I’ve been looking at (I’ll probably add to it over the weekend as more posts come to mind), in no particular order:

 Finally, one of my best reads of the week was Beyond debate? a long essay of diverse content by Martin Cohen, in the UK’s Times Higher Education.

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