Climategate – IOP gets critical

Oh Joy! A scientific body – the Institute of Physics no less – has at last called Climategate for what it is – “bringing science into disrepute”.

As reported on Climate Audit and WUWT, the IOP made a very hard-hitting statment to the UK Parliamentary Committee.  It says that the emails provide

“evidence of determined and co-ordinated refusals to comply with honourable scientific traditions” and also that

“There is reason for concern at the intolerance to challenge…….[ as this] impedes the process of scientific ’self correction’, which is vital to the integrity of the scientific process as a whole, and not just to the research itself.” 

Contrast this with the weak statement from the Royal Society of Chemistry here, which makes general noises about the need for science to be open and is as uncritical of the specific issues as it is possible to be.  A list and links to other submissions is available here.

Back in November I said that this Fellowship of the Tree Rings did not deserve to call themselves scientists (links: here, here and here).  I was angry then, not just as someone who questioned the global warming science, but as a scientist.  I still am and so I am glad to see such an august body as the IOP come out and say this. I will now be looking for similar moves from other professional bodies.

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