In Praise of Willis Eschenbach

‘Cos I like to use my brain

(to be sung to “If I only had a brain” from the “Wizard of Oz” – with apologies to Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, original here)

I often while away the hours, calculatin’ powers
of thunderstorms and rain.
And my head I’m never scratchin’ while
my thoughts are busy hatchin’
‘cos I like to use my brain.

I unravel every riddle, every hidden fiddle,
and bring clarity again.
With the thoughts I am thinkin’
I can show no island’s sinkin’
‘cos of sand and coral gain.

Oh, I can tell you why, Post Normal Science is a bore.
I’ll make you think of things you’ve never thunk before.
And then I’ll sit, and think some more.

Global warmin’s just a nothin’ or your head is full of stuffin’
but my blogs will keep you sane.
Well unless the sun is foolin’, I am sure the planet’s coolin’,
‘cos I like to use my brain.

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2 Responses to In Praise of Willis Eschenbach

  1. Great!
    We tropical people can easily think Willis Thermostat Hypothesis fits what we see in the weather.

    I have published in Observatorio ARVAL an Essay by Willis Eschenbach, “The Thermostat Hypothesis”.

    “The Thermostat Hypothesis is that tropical clouds and thunderstorms actively regulate the temperature of the Earth. This keeps the Earth at an equilibrium temperature.”

    Very interesting and well illustrated article, I think.
    (In Spanish at

    Clear Skies,
    Andrés Valencia

    [Reply – it was great to hear Willis speak at the ICCC IV on that very topic – his presentation can be found here]

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