EU Funding for Climate Change

Over at the Air Vent yesterday in a post discussing a paper on climate reconstructions, Dr Eduardo Zorita commented:

“Climate research as a whole also gets a small amount of funding compared to other sciences. Look for instance at the funds allocation in the next European Framework program”

…posting a link to this budget table. At €1890M the amount for ‘Environment including Climate Change’ is huge, but it is less than 6% of the overall research budget (2007-2013).  Nature (29th July) reports that the recently published EU science budget provides greatly increased support for research.

“The 2011 budget — the largest ever for EC research and up 12% from 2010 — will help to lift Europe’s economy by speeding discoveries into the market.” said Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, commissioner for research, innovation and science.

This will create up to 110,000 science research posts  at universities, research institutions and companies.   A series of calls for proposals were published under various themes including Climate Change.  Climate Change is one of four areas under Environment.  The relevant publication for Environment is here; it takes some reading. I’ve pulled out some headings:

  • Activity 6.1 Climate Change, pollution and risks
    • Sub-Activity 6.1.1 Pressures on environment and climate
      Indicative budget:
      EUR 37 000 000
    • Sub-Activity 6.1.2 Environment and health
      Indicative budget: EUR 18 000 000
    • Sub-Activity 6.1.3 Natural Hazards
      Indicative budget: EUR 18 000 000
  • Activity 6.2 Sustainable management of resources
    • Sub-Activity 6.2.1 Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources and biodiversity.
      Indicative budget: EUR 41 000 000

A few of the topics caught my eye for what I can only describe as facetious reasons.

ENV.2011.1.1.1-1 Improvement of the representation processes in climate and Earth system models

Well this is clearly to ensure that UEA and Phil Jones et al. stay in business 😉 Although perhaps it will fund the Met Office’s next grand plan.

ENV.2011.1.1.3-1 Vulnerability of Arctic permafrost to climate change and implications for global GHG emissions and future climate.

My mind wandered a bit with this one thinking of the recent cooling. If we end up with 30 years of cooling, could this one be problem?  I mean you get 3 or 4 years of money to go and freeze your extremities off doing some field work, only to find that the Arctic is once again in the grip of a cooling cycle and it is difficult to write a paper that contains more than ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘maybes’ – oh wait that would fit right in any way.

ENV.2011.1.1.5-1 Impacts of climate and land use changes in the Amazon

Aha! Funding to prove that the claims made by the IPPC referencing a non peer-reviewed paper produced by an advocacy group working with the WWF (Amazongate) were true after all 😉

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  1. DirkH says:

    I love how the EU calls their database that contains all calls and tenders for the “Framework program 7” CORDIS. I’ve always been a fan of discordianism.

    Gotta find me some easy project where all i have to do is provide some made-up computer model that “proves” the desired outcome…

    [Reply – I’d like a job thinking up names and acronyms for the funded projects]

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