Earth Art

I’m addicted to Google Earth.  I downloaded it for use with weather data, but I can spend (waste?) hours looking, just looking at the views from above.  It’s not just looking at places I know. I used to love to travel – now tied down by job, bills and family commitments I’m an armchair adventurer these days.  But the really fascinating thing is the diversity of patterns and colours – here in the Russian Arctic and Siberia.  No techie descriptions, just look and enjoy.

The Earth has Eyes (Lena Delta 73°16'30.87"N, 125°10'7.64"E)

Blue Blood in my Veins (63°40'44.72"N 65°26'58.74"E)

Lone Tree in the Arctic Desert (near Ostrov Dikson 73°31'35.61"N 80°37'52.28"E)

The Sidewinder Sleeps (72°25'36.39"N 142°32'24.91"E)

The Feathered Landscape (74° 8'46.59"N, 109°13'8.09"E)

Medusa Flows (Lena Delta 73° 3'25.91"N, 126°57'55.16"E)

Scarlet Pimpernel Break Out (72°19'45.17"N 141° 5'26.20"E)

Earth's Secret Cranial Sutures (72° 9'3.54"N 142°10'26.31"E)

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5 Responses to Earth Art

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Just gorgeous. Any one of those would make a dandy poster. Glad I’ve never downloaded Google Earth as clearly I’d spend all my time addicted…

  2. Mack Lazarus says:

    These are some fantastic images! I was introduced and became addicted to this a couple of years ago and have been doing it ever since! Please come visit us @ and share some your discoveries. We’d love to have you! You are a veteran Searther! You will feel right at home! C-ya there

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