A year of blogging…

A full year has gone by since this blog first inflicted my opinions, and subsequently graphs and maps, on the wider world.  The first offering “The Hockey Stick – A flawed icon” explained the naming of the blog; the second “Climate Fast Food“, about temperature homogenisation, shows my lack of detailed comprehension at the time of the methods used to process station data.  Not one to sit on the sidelines generally when bothered by something, the vexation I felt then spurred enquiry and the pursuit of understanding. I have learned so much in a year and posted only a fraction of it here (so far anyway).

Last November I was already in contact with Tony Brown and following E.M. Smith dissecting GIStemp, which led to the rather mischievous “Gistemp Reloaded“. Then Climategate happened (“Fellowship of the Tree Rings“). I wasn’t at work those few days and watched it unfold with increasing incredulity.

At the end of November Tony Brown introduced me to Kevin and our collaboration on a database and mapping project ensued (“Mapping Global Warming“). As a result of that I had access to a very powerful tool to help with analysis, although usually aspirations exceed my technical ability. I’ll tackle anything though, and have been surprised at how quickly I have learned.

Another highlight had to be attending the Heartland Conference in May.  After that I moved from Blogger to WordPress and haven’t looked back.  Combined pageviews from both old and new now total almost 50,000.  I can’t say what the coming year will bring, but bring it on.  I’m just hoping for more time than of late to allow me to pick up the analysis again.  Thanks for visiting, commenting and emailing.

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5 Responses to A year of blogging…

  1. P Gosselin says:

    Congratulations. Since I started 7 months ago, I feel addicted.
    This is a really good dite you’ve got here. Blogging is truly free speech and free market. Keep it up!
    “…pageviews from both old and new now total almost 50,000.” You sure about the number of zeros?

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    Good material, well written, great attitude …
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Verity Jones says:

    @ PGosselin
    “You sure about the number of zeros?”

    Haha. Actually I’m surprised. It’s all down to timing and Climategate (and no I had no ‘insider knowledge’, although I probably shouldn’t joke about such things ;-). First ‘hit’ was on 18th November, then on 1st December the world and his wife decided to Google “Harry Read Me” file and I ended up with 400 hits that day as I had a post on it. Although keeping up that level of hits would be very hard work (either lots of good quality posts and/or persistent astroturfing).

    Thanks for the endorsement. I think I’m addicted too. Your site has certainly taken off also and has become a ‘must visit’.

    @John F. Hultquist – Thanks!

  4. tonyb says:

    Well done Verity. You’ve maintained a varied and intersting selection of posts. Keep it up


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