Snow badly prepared

Photo featured in Aftenposten today.

Chaos in the UK. We are not used to this much snow and cold and we are not prepared for it. I guess we deserve these comments (from Aftenposten):

“The pictures from British airports indicate that snow removal is done partly by hand and small machines.”

“Chesham north of London reported temperatures down to minus 13 degrees, which is considered very cold. “

Meanwhile the argument between commercial and state forecasters in Norway (akin to Piers Corbyn vs the Met Office)  is whether they’ll exceed -20°C in Oslo next week.

The BBC, reporting on problems at Heathrow, quoted a passenger who was stuck on a plane for five hours:

“There were a lot of Americans and Canadians on the plane who couldn’t understand why so little snow had brought everything to a halt”

It is shaping up the be the coldest December in 100 years; the third cold winter in a row.

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7 Responses to Snow badly prepared

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    Okay, I give up. What are the two folks in the green vests doing out there? There must be a line or strip painted there that they are trying to find.

    We have friends spending December in England. We have better weather now and at least through Christmas day will remain so.

    Of course the USA is a big place so other parts are just as cold and snowy as GB. Still the problem for places that do not usually get snow and ice is that they are not prepared and never will be. A city cannot spend millions on snow removal equipment that is used only once every ten years. As society has become more complex and interconnected there needs to be an adjustment in expectations. Sometimes things just don’t work and it is no one’s fault. In the US, currently, blame is the number one game and the question is “Who can I sue?”

    This next week is supposed to be a happy time. Here’s hoping! Cheers.

    • Verity Jones says:

      Well of course the current ‘blame’ is global warming. Yes preparedness costs, and risk of occurence should be quantified, but that is why the AGW fail is such an issue. What angers me is the over reliance on models which have been saying that we are less likely to have a negative NAO and these ‘blocking events’. The PDO, AMO, AO & NAO are cyclical; perhaps more ‘traditional’ climate forecasting would have suggested a risk of a return of colder periods. The weather in the last two years has be much more like my memories of the 70s. I remember an expectation of snow every year (although not always bourne out) and have plenty of photos to prove back up my memories that we did have decent falls of snow.

    • Baa Humbug says:

      The pilot dropped his keys 🙂

  2. Pascvaks says:

    Picture Caption – “Give up Mary, we’re not going to find your damn ring!”

    [Reply – LOL – good one! V. ]

  3. gallopingcamel says:

    Thank you, Verity, for reminding me why I live in Florida. It is really cold here right now but that means 14 Centigrade at 1030 hours. It should hit 18 when my family four ball starts at 1230. In November 2004, Cairndhu golf club was unplayable owing to snow (a very rare event) but I understand it has happened again!

    [Reply – Oh you mean this one: It sounds like a Scots name; I would imagine most courses in Northern Ireland are unplayable this weekend – even the links courses. On the other hand their Scots counterparts probably get snow more often. Verity]

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