Saying the unsayable

Blogging hasn’t been a priority for me of late, as I am trying to close a very large project and working long hours to do so.  Having ‘just a few more minutes’ in bed this morning, I half-heard something about climate change on the radio:

“An agency that advises rich nations about energy has said that is it virtually impossible for the world to keep with the safe limits defined by scientists for climate change. The Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency told an audience in London that that key nations were not prepared to take the steps necessary to cut carbon growth.”

Then the familiar tones of the BBC’s Environment Correspondent Roger Harrabin…

“The official position of the World’s governments is that greenhouse gas emissions should be kept within a level associated by scientists with a potentially dangerous temperature rise of 2 degrees.  That postition has looked increasingly unrealistic over the years and now Dr Birol has said the unsayable – that the 2 degree target is “virtually impossible” to acheive.  It would take a doubling of the current effort then a doubling again, with the biggest push needed from emerging economies where climate is not high on the agenda.”

But then perhaps I was dreaming.  Well, it seems not – there it is, hidden away on Roger Harrabin’s column on the website Mission impossible?

“And there appeared widespread relief that Dr Birol said the unsayable – that peaking emissions by 2020 was virtually impossible, and that in those circumstances we could “kiss goodbye” to the 2C target.

“Dr Birol referred to the debate in Europe as to whether the EU would cut emissions by 20% or 30% by 2020 against 1990 levels. The difference between these two targets, he said, was equivalent to just two weeks of China’s emissions.”

Reality is setting in.

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6 Responses to Saying the unsayable

  1. bubbagyro says:

    I disagree and think the target of 2°C is eminently doable, since the next two decades will se a decrease of 2-3°C, typical of Maunder class minima.We’re saved! [Brrr!]

    • Verity Jones says:

      Yes, Brrr! I like my CO2 😉 You know what – I bet there’ll be a real push now to TRY to acheive emission reductions (or make us think they’ve been acheived) so that the fall in temperature can be ‘proven’ to be because we reduced CO2 and carbon taxes can be hailed as a success for mankind and lock us forever into a green hell.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    The official position of the World’s governments . . .

    That’s an interesting statement.

    2020 is a relatively short time off. Only nuclear power plants, fast tracked and built by the dozens could even come close to providing the growing energy society needs. That’s not going to happen.

    Also, the 2 degree target is “virtually impossible” to justify on a scientific basis; it is a political concept only.

    You are correct, reality seems to be intruding on someone’s ideology.

    We can hope that serious issues might soon be addressed.

  3. Pascvaks says:

    Not too long ago, after a little something then called The Great War, which we now call WWI, there was a Grand Attempt to limit the size of the World’s Navies and the size and number of their Battleships. Today, and for the past few decades as well, the Worry Worts of the World have been trying to reduce the amount of Manmade CO2 so as to Save Us All from catistrophic climate change. People are people every when and every where and THAT is THE PROBLEM. When The Great Minds of the World get a bright idea and want to sit down and sign a piece of paper we really do need to be very careful, and get on our hitherto unbent knees, put our little hands together in front of our heart, say something appropriate, and look to heaven for a miracle. If Global Climate Change or Warming is coming, if another Ice Age is about to desend upon us, there is precious little we can do to forestall what will happen. Even with 7 billions of us wandering around searching for a crumb to eat three or more times a day, we just don’t collectively have the requisite number of brain cells to rub together to be able to blow our own nose at one time. But.. it does seem that with more you get less, and.. with less all things are harder. Hummmm.. maybe there’s a lesson there..

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