Vote for WUWT

Do you, like me, think that Watts Up With That is the best science blog on the Internet? If so then why not vote for WUWT in the ‘2011 Bloggies’.

WUWT has been nominated in the ‘Best Science Weblog’ category in the Eleven Annual Weblog Awards. This puts WUWT right up there in the blogging world along side some of the best and most well known blogs on the Internet. So go on click below which takes you to the voting page and follow the instructs below.

Now click on the WattsUpWithThat thumbnail (on the little grey circle bottom left) to turn it into a tick mark and the same for any other blogs in other categories you may like to vote for.

Scroll to the bottom of the voting page, fill-in your email address and complete the Captcha phrase and click the ‘Submit Your Nominations’ button.

You’ll then get a sent confirmation email that contains a link which when clicked verifies/confirms your vote. Note this isn’t an email address harvesting web site so please vote.

About KevinUK (DITC)

Ex-nuclear physicist now self employed software developer searching for plausible evidence as to whether or not mankind is responsible for the late 20th century's (non-)global warming trend.
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