WUWT Bloggie Winner – A Competition

On the previous post (about Willis Eschenbach) I had reworded a Wizard of Oz song to be about Willis’s great ideas.  Another Ian posted a reworded song in comments, and suggested a poetic equivalent of Josh’s climate cartoons – perhaps a competition.  So how about it folks? And I’ve got an ideal subject…

I’m a bit late with this but send a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Watts for Watts Up With That? being voted Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies. Science should be made interesting, debated and discussed. What it shouldn’t be is – dry, straight-laced, and only for scientists.  Whatever critics like to say, WUWT attracts a varied mix of people with a natural curiosity about science and technology and only asks that people keep an open mind and a civil tongue in discussions. I found it when I first started to look behind the ‘science’ of global warming about three years ago.  I found it a forgiving place to someone who was only starting to ask questions.

So, to honour the Bloggie win, how about a few verses in celebration of all that Watt’s Up With That is – and does.

Minimal rules: must rhyme (but it’ll be interesting to see that one being pushed 😉 ); must be four lines or more; maximum length? – oh just keep it sensible.  If there’s a good response (yes this could fall very flat I know) I’ll ask the WUWT Moderators to shortlist their favourites and put up a poll. Come on now – don’t disappoint me!

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2 Responses to WUWT Bloggie Winner – A Competition

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    How Anthony Watts Settled the Science

    Have you heard there’s been a rout
    Of the disciples of mega-drought

    The princeling was much too fat
    The troops had brains of a rat

    One had a stick that was broken
    Another brought a tree as a token

    Now they’re on their way to extinction!
    Beside a device of dubious distinction

    They met on a field not of grasses
    Upon which Watts wiped their @@@es

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