Fruits of a tangled web

The Sunday Telegraph, under the headline today:   “Lobbyists who cleared ‘Climategate’ academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC”  describes

“A shadowy lobby group which pushes the case that global warming is a real threat is being funded by the taxpayer and assisted by the BBC.” 

The funding and links of Globe International (“The little-known not-for-profit company works behind the scenes at international conferences to further its aims“) run wide and deep.  Such are its connections and influence that we see the hand of the organisation working to ‘protect its own’ in the investigation into the Climategate emails:

“Lord Oxburgh, the organisation’s director, was called in to head an internal inquiry into the leaked emails which included one infamous message referring to a “trick” to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

The peer’s investigation cleared the scientists of malpractice. But critics claimed the report was a whitewash and Lord Oxburgh also failed to declare his involvement with Globe before he began his investigation.” Full story here

But what is Globe International? Under ‘About’ and ‘Strategy’ on its website:

“…there exists a strategic opportunity to coordinate a legislative response to key global environmental challenges in advance of Rio +20. This response recognises and seeks to strengthen the central role of legislators and parliaments in tackling the major global environmental challenges…”

“The GLOBE Legislative Principles adopted in Copenhagen represent the first step in advancing domestic legislation on climate change and will underpin efforts by GLOBE Members at a national level.  By showing that legislators are prepared to move together, and using a consistent set of principles, the efforts of legislators will be magnified. “

In other words, Globe fears that “united we stand, divided we fall” and exists to provide a coherent strategy and ensure that governments ‘get the job done’.

Now we come to the COMplus Alliance –

“a “sustainable development communications alliance” of broadcasters based in Costa Rica which is also supported by the BBC World Service Trust, the Corporation’s independent charity, [….] has an “ongoing relationship with Globe” helping it run “shadow negotiation” teams at international summits of world leaders.”

The COMplus website describes ‘What we do’, for example under ‘Activities’

  • The Global Climate Change Initiative generates public support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promotes ecosystem management principles to adapt to climate change through multimedia channels, dialogues, and media training.

It sounds like Globe provides structure, organisation and destination, while COMplus gets it all moving. And the best part is that our taxes have indirectly funded their activities . If they succeed we will all reap the fruits of their labour in global CO2 regulation (/sarc).

The interconnecting business, political and funding links described by the article for these organisations are reminiscent of the links Kevin uncovered between Google and Climate research in When Amy met NOAA (and JPMorgan Chase and WWF and …)

Honey Fungus (Armillaria spp.) is an example of a white rot fungus which causes the roots and butts of live trees to rot. (source: Royal Forestry Society)

All these links make me think of the mycelium of a fungus, growing underground, spreading and all-pervasive, like Honey Fungus, which is parasitic and moves from tree to tree rotting the wood from within.

Fungal diseases are often only detected once the fruiting body of the fungus is visible, by which time it may be too late to act.(

Yes, if the fruits appear it will be too late, but the way to deal with such organisations is just like honey fungus – expose the infection and cut off the source of food funding.

h/t to Ed Hoskins; also covered by WUWT: The Telegraph “gets it” about Climategate investigations and the conflict of interest of publicly funded media

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2 Responses to Fruits of a tangled web

  1. KevinUK says:


    I saw this news on WUWT the other day and read Richard North’s coverage of it on EU Referendum. What puzzles me is why it’s taken so long for this revelation to come out.

    Back in June/July 2010 when Steve M and the good Bishop were discussing the ‘Oxburgh Eleven’ I was prompted to do some research on fellow ‘scouser’ Lord Oxburgh (,_Baron_Oxburgh) following the revelation by Steve M that Oxburgh is in fact ‘Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool’. As I recollect, I told Steve M at the time that as a fellow ‘scouser’ (people born and bred in Liverpool, England are colloquially referred to as ‘Scousers’) I was embarrased by what Oxburgh had been up to and told him that not all scousers are lying bar stewards!

    I also provided some links in a thread on Bishop Hill on Oxburgh on the same subject .

    In the light of recent comments by Peters Sissons on climate change propaganada within the BBC (, I wonder what Peter Sissons now thinks of his fellow Liverpool Institute alumni Lord ‘Ron’ Oxburgh?

    Oxburgh really is knee deep in the whole ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back’ mutual benefit AGM alarmism industry as seen from the following extract from his wiki page.

    “Lord Oxburgh was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Science and Engineering Research Council (Singapore), as of 1 January 2002, and is a member of the International Academic Advisory Panel of Singapore and the University Grants Committee (Hong Kong). He is honorary president of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, chairman of Falck Renewables, a wind energy firm, an advisor to Climate Change Capital. He was chairman of D1 Oils, plc, a biodiesel producer, in 2007, and a director of GLOBE, the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment”

    As I told Steve M back then please appreciate that not all scousers are self serving, money grabbing, [snip]s like Oxburgh. Some of us are doing our best to ensure that people like Oxburgh are exposed for the hypocritical, greasy pole, opportunists that they are!

    • Verity Jones says:

      Involvement organisations such as Globe is a buffer. It is the political equivalent of money laundering, washing your motivations through activities for organisations one step removed from those where you can be deemed to have financial interest in a political outcome.

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