Not ‘doing a Jeff Id’

On absence

A long gap in postings. Yes. Blame a recent heavy workload including travel, a family holiday, and illness, although not necessarily in that order. In truth I’m finding the demands of work and family life leaving less and less time for blogging and I’ve been tempted to ‘do a Jeff Id’ and shut down.  DITC doesn’t have the readership of Jeff’s tAV, but I know that, like Jeff, I’d be unable to resist breaking my resolution, so the better course of action is just to say that I’m no longer pressuring myself to do one or two postings a week. When I have time I’ll use it wisely; if I have something to say, I’m sure I’ll find some time.  I am grateful to all who stop by to read and comment, and to those such as Charles, Kevin and others who contribute.  Please don’t stop.

Since Anthony Watts is also stepping back a little from Watts Up With That, I intend to continue support there.  When I do have a little blog time, that is likely to be the most effective use of it.  I’ll also aim for time to complete some analyses that have been ongoing since Christmas (and even I hadn’t realised it was that long – oh dear). That’ll certainly merit a few posts.

On blogging, friends and acquaintances

Blogging has bought quite a weight of correspondence, which I enjoy. I’ll keep that up too, when I can.  It has resulted in some great new friends and acquaintances and that is one thing I am most grateful for. In my travels recently I’ve managed to meet, finally, several people I’ve gotten to know through blogging. More on that in another post I think. At the moment also I’m copied into some interesting and long-running exchanges, which I appreciate and do read, even if I only occasionally reply.

Page views of DITC in WordPress are about to hit 85,000 since May 2010. Not bad. In fact since I started the blog on 12th November 2009, on Blogger and just before Climategate, I need to add >19,000 page views, so we’re over the 100,000 mark.

What I’ve been missing

While I’ve been away, or only glancing at the blog when there has been time (and I’ve had web access) I note Glacier National Park finally opened Going to the Sun Road on 13th July (latest ever). Well done to the plough/plow crew.  I had planned a post on ‘Ploughing the Big Drift’ but that was one that got away.  So too did a post on Row to the Pole (h/t M White), which I’d started on 12th June, but which Anthony Watts did so much better such that I didn’t finish mine.  More seriously, Kevin alerted me to all the ongoing stuff on climate sensitivity kicked off by NicL at Climate Etc. So I finally got to read that last night and is has a curious connection with something else that turned up recently. Perhaps I’ll write that up too – later.


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9 Responses to Not ‘doing a Jeff Id’

  1. Jeff Id says:

    Know yourself first right? My wife is still on me to quit.

  2. Doug Proctor says:

    Is the blogosphere evolving to the point where a consolidation is required, I wonder. (My keyboard suddenly decided I can`t write question marks, but can punctuate in French.)

    Perhaps a super-blog of WUWT, to which various bloggers like you, Jeff and VJ contribute would solve two problems: allow you to have a life and focus readerships sufficiently to generate enough ad revenue to be self-sufficient (with a paid moderator).

    Sci-Am is doing something similar but under the banner of Sci-Am there will be philosophically driven editorial control and repression. A super-blog within the non-MSM thinking sphere may be where we are heading, anyway. As a reader, I`d get more work done, for sure … not that I`d look forward to that part.

  3. Gary says:

    I suggested this to Anthony last year and he started hosting a lot more guest posters. With all of the specialty pages on WUWT, a set of frequent contributors sections makes even more sense now. Lobby for it. Willis should endorse it as the Constructal Law in action, too.

  4. Verity Jones says:

    Since I started lurking on WUWT in early 2007 (?) the page views and comments have increased dramatically – to such an extent that a lot of the regulars, who made it such a fun place to hang out, have deserted or just lurk. It used to be possible to follow conversations over an evening across several threads. The sheer volume of comments and diversity of commenters has changed that; Jeff at tAV still has that to an extent; a smaller following and lack of moderation helps.

    @Doug Proctor
    A superblog with (one) paid moderator just wouldn’t work – you need a team. For a start y.ou need to cover 24 hours, 7 days a week, but comments can be variable 10-40+ per hour (@ WUWT). Most are obviously fine but when there’s an outbreak of trolls or a food fight it can take longer than planned. I remember realising what was unfolding on the day the 10:10 video was released and stepped in to help – it was mad.

    If you look at some of the really big blogs (e.g. Instapundit, Drudge) they’re just news aggregators and have no comments. James Delingpole in UK Telegraph now hits 1000s of comments per post, but again the quality (of comments) has gone down due to dilution.

    It is interesting to see what has changed even in the last year. I think the blogging (quality of posts and comments) is better when there’s a sense of purpose or urgency, or even crisis. At other times it is lacklustre. Developing stories – checking facts and links does take time. Even more so if there’s analysis involved. I think the increased guest posts have helped WUWT a lot and I think there is room for more of that.

    What is really needed IMHO is neutral ‘beginner’s guides’ to all the issues, but ones written in neutral language – that set out both sides of the arguments and counter-arguments in the way that Skeptical Science purports to do. We don’t need to ‘turn’ people into sceptics. If they have enquiring minds, exposing them to inconsistencies and the lack of settled science is all that is required.

  5. pyromancer76 says:

    Verity Jones, I am (re)visiting DiggingIntheClay, directed from comments on EM Smith’s blog, and am very glad I have. Always enjoyed reading your comments on WUWT. The process of “being turned” from a “warmist”* “AGW proponent” to a “scientist” is an amazing one. Shocking, actually. It is difficult to go from believing one has an open (“liberal” in the old fashioned sense) mind and then finding out that you were listening to authorities who were acting like religious leaders. They were spouting beliefs rather than skeptical inquiry and I was taken in – reading many science journals, esp Science and Nature, to find what “dedicated scientists” were researching.

    The reason for my comment in addition to encouraging you to contine to blog comfortably is to suggest what I would like to see occasionally on a blog of “merit”. Invite a number of commenters who are focusing on a subject to take one aspect of it, treat it in detail, send it to the others for comments, additions, “corrections”, etc. and then post the exchange. One example might be EM’s “Heat Pipe”. In this way I think the contributions to science from the bloggosphere might astonish us. What a fount of experience, knowledge, and wisdom exists here.

    I must disagree with your comment 7/19, 8:31 pm: “We don’t need to ‘turn’ people into sceptics.” This is what I hope all this remarkable blogging is about — helping us learn to keep an open mind and to be skeptical of all assertions until we see the data and the analysis. It is the religious warmists* AGW proponents who have turned one of the best advances of the Enlightemnent, treasured slepticism, into an epithet. Those “skeptics” labored long and hard to free us from the necessity of religious belief where it does not belong,

    Thanks for your blog.

    *Altered 01Oct2011 in line with new policy: VJ.

    • Verity Jones says:

      Thank you. It is the comments from people that make all it worthwhile. I’ve been putting a bit more time in at WUWT and commenting a bit more there too. Sometimes when I’m tired I don’t have a lot to say or ability to string the words together in the right order ;-(

      That ‘Heat Pipe’ exchange is very interesting – another one that took place while I was AFK. Following a guest post from Ed Hoskins: Ed has gone on to develop this with input from many others. Most significant was the posting on Climate Etc by Tonyb: Ed, Tony and ‘Manaker’ have been revising calculations and refining the post. At the moment the document sits at 16 pages in length but is more focussed than when I first saw it. Ed is producing a summary I hope to get posted on WUWT. I think that is the kind of thing you mean. I agree. I’d like to see a lot more of that only probably more technical.

      Regarding your disagreement about needing to ‘turn’ people into sceptics. I suspect we are actually in agreement. What I mean is that the process of becoming a sceptic, or even to start doubting, is passive to some extent. People have to ‘go looking’ and be exposed to information ‘with an open mind’. Guided to the right information – or even just a diversity of information – and encouraged to question, they will at least see there is another side and, one would hope that once having started down the path…. What I was trying to say is that if you push a mind that is not ready, you will meet resistance, and also that there is no ‘one path’. Interestingly Lucy Skywalker, another climate apostate, sets out a 12 step plan to shake off cAGW indoctrination that I reporduced here:

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve noticed that a ‘community’ of sorts has grown up between the ‘minor’ blogs that sprouted from WUWT. Something of a collective space… More of the ‘old hands’ hang out in that space, IMHO.

    As I’m due to ‘start work’ in a week, I have no idea what will happen to my posting schedule. But making money for the bills comes first… so we ‘do what we must’…

    I suspect it’s time to make a ‘collective work’ of some sort that ties together the bulk of the ‘discovery phase’ of the path to being a sceptic. A lot has been surfaced, and does not really need endless rehashing in “new” old posts… So perhaps that would be a good direction to go. Come up with the ‘Framework’ and do a crowd sourcing project to fill in the pointers to each topic… then just “edit , edit, edit”…

    With luck, with my first paycheck I’ll get a new laptop (so I can do more while living as a gypsy… over the next year). If I’m lucky, even one with Skype on it 😉

    Oddly, I find myself torn between a desire to “keep the pressure on” as the AGW side continues to press a losing hand; and the realization that we’ve turned to a cold cycle, so it’s just a matter of time… We’ll just have to wait and see what the future asks of us…

    If the Warmers get too “pushy”, though, I’m sure we can find a bit of time and energy for a “pushback”…

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