The Unpleasant Green Core

My attention was drawn this morning to a new blog by Martin Durkan (he of the Great Global Warming Swindle fame). He promises:

“…a series of blog pieces to explore the green politics behind global warming …..”

“The Secret of Global Warming – Posh Anti-Capitalism” is really worth reading. Here are two paragraphs by way of an excerpt:

“The next time you’re forced to attend a dinner party, keep an eye out for the global warmer.  Then ask him what he thinks about supermarkets (wicked), ‘consumer society’ (soulless), world trade (cruel) and government regulation (more needed).  Global warmers are, in short, anti-capitalist.  But – and here’s the really important thing to understand – it’s a very specific form of anti-capitalism.  We might call it posh anti-capitalism.”

“But these days, anti-capitalists are coloured Green.  They campaign not in the name of the working class, but of ‘Earth’.  Instead of giant factories, they dream of little handicraft workshops and organic peasant farms.  They complain not that capitalism will impoverish the workers, but, on the contrary, that capitalism has made them too rich.  It is the very success of capitalism that seems to upset them.”

Read the rest here.

His other post (it’s a new blog) deals with Greens’ attitudes to development in the Third World. He concludes:

“There is something ugly and sinister behind the apparently benevolent, fashionable attempt to preserve charming, traditional peasant life.  And also behind their gushing concern for ‘the planet’.   Barely concealed behind the jargon of ‘sustainability’ is the dark, reactionary prejudice of nasty, well-to-do people who would deny material progress to others.”

Read the rest in Happy Peasants (and global warming).

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6 Responses to The Unpleasant Green Core

  1. Pascvaks says:

    He does paint well. Though I would probably have been a might more specific and said something like “Posh New Age Communism”. From comments over at Bishop Hill, and my own experience, he does appear to be a tad busy and unable –as yet– to get the ‘Comments’ folks have left him posted. (Let’s hope the Ozie Tea –or Beer– Party has a great Convoy;-)

    • Verity Jones says:

      He was probably not expecting such a deluge of comments and took a while to realise there were there. 72 on the first post now.

      If the Convoy is as big as it seems it might be it will be interesting to watch the BBC and the Guardian try NOT to report it, or to rubbish it as a grassroots movement.

  2. Another Ian says:

    One site for Convoy updates

    Scroll for those already posted

    Reply – thanks for the link, I do visit JoNova when I get time to do a web crawl, Verity

  3. Another Ian says:


    The Convoy is getting into the MSM. And getting some other things in too. A pointer today

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  5. Tom Harley says:

    I noticed that a number of spam comments were accepted, identical to ones I have deleted on my blog…lol, and a good comment from Pascvaks

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