Month’s most viewed in Telegraph

Something tells me that cloud issues in climate science will not go away.  There’s too much interest from the public now – and they can see past the dogmatism and stifling of debate.

When it was first published (27th August), James Delingpole’s Sun Causes Climate Change Shock blog post was the week’s #2 most viewed item in the on-line version of the Telegraph.

Rank at the end of the first week

If you go to the front page of the Telegraph on-line today and look at the “Most Viewed” panel halfway down on the right hand side and hit the “Past Month” button, is now at #5 (after Debt, Sex, Libya and the overhype of Hurricane Irene).

Such was the level of interest in the story (never mind JD’s excellent treatment of it) it has 3551 comments to date.

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