Katla grumbles again

Is this the sleeping giant awakening or just stirring? There’s been an upshift in activity in the last 24 hours – is this going to lead to an eruption this time?

The panels below show the earthquakes in the region before and during the build up to the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 (left) and the recent increase in activity of Katla (Mýrdalsjökull). Of course there could still be a long lead time before an eruption.

Data source: Icelandic Met Office - http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/myr/myr_num.html

Meanwhile, with southerly winds and the Indian Summer “BBQ Weekend” in Britain, Matt in the Telegraph had two Icelanders under a plume threatening to block out the sun – saying “a barbecue cloud is blowing over from Britain”.

You can follow what the experts have to say: Jón Frímann’s blog and Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog. Link to live webcam for Katla.

This video from 2010 (Icelandic with English subtitles) shows the level of concern over Katla:

And, just for the wonderful experience, here’s a spectacular clear-day flyover set to Ravel’s “Bolero”.

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  1. Chuckles says:

    Much going on in the Canary Islands as well, evacuations underway, official dithering, all the usual.

    O/T and ‘In other news’ – see what you’ve started here –


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