More on BBC and Global Warming

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling

Since 2006, the BBC has relentlessly promoted the global warming orthodoxy as a pressure group in its own right.

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph today has a good summary of the development of the BBC’s reporting of climate change, mentioning a story from earlier in the week (reported here in Auntie’s Principles) on the BBC’s receipt of money to make environmental programmes.  He describes the ever-increasing lengths some at the BBC have gone to to drive the agenda in the name of doing the right thing:

Some years back, the BBC adopted a new editorial policy –that the scientific and political “consensus” on climate change was now so overwhelming that it should be actively promoted, while climate sceptics, or “deniers” as the BBC calls them, should be kept off the airwaves.

Now it is starting looking hard to sustain (See also Auntie – your slip is showing).

The irony is, however, that just as the BBC adopted its new hard line on climate change, in the real world the story was beginning to shift. Ever more searching questions have come to be asked about the supposed “consensus” on man-made warming, and the BBC’s coverage has come to look ever more one-sidedly absurd.


Biased BBC Blogspot has posted this video about the one-side reporting of global Warming by the BBC.  I thought it worth reposting here –  Biased BBC: BBC VERSUS REALITY.

For more opinion on the influence of green charities and NGOs see James Delingpole’s Green charities: way more evil and dangerous than Exxon or the Koch Brothers.

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7 Responses to More on BBC and Global Warming

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    At one time I paid to be a member of WWF and the Sierra Club and a few other large environmental groups. No more. So saying because:

    From your last link:

    “Instead, here’s a piece of investigative journalism to gladden the heart from Norman Rogers – a physicist and senior advisor at the Heartland Institute.
    It describes how he cunningly infiltrated his way into the belly of the Green Beast – aka the America’s oldest environmental organisation, the Sierra Club – using the brilliantly clever device of paying for membership.”

    I have not paid dues to any of these in recent years. I have to swallow hard and hold my nose when paying to get the Scientific American magazine – they do still print some interesting material.

    In recent years I have volunteered with our local conservation district and our State’s “Washington Trails Association” – building and maintaining trails in National Forests, Nat. Parks, and county parks. I am on a first name basis with the people involved and know where the money and time is going.

  2. Dan Pangburn says:

    Search “simple equation predicts average global temperatures” and read it and follow the links to discover much more that the BBC won’t tell you. Like what actually caused the warm-up last century and why it stopped over a decade ago. Carbon dioxide had no significant influence.

  3. Pascvaks says:

    “Dear, dear, dear, if the Beeb just didn’t have to worry about making a profit. If only it were a “Public” Corporation that received monthly “contirbutions” from the people, then they wouldn’t be put in such compromising, too human situations, forced to prostitute themselves. The sheer integrity of socialism is to be preferred so much more than baudy, rabid capitalism. What?!” (SarcOff)

    I say, it’s so hard to take human nature out of anyone, isn’t it?

  4. Verity Jones says:

    @John F. Hultquist
    I remember when the WWF was all about saving the Panda etc.
    @Dan Pangburn
    Interesting – thanks. Maths isn’t my strong point but I apreciate that you have a good match.
    If only it would slash the licence fee and embrace sponsorship and product placement openly, so no-one can claim it is back door. Advertising is so ubiquitious I doubt anyone would notice much. (the really shocking thing in that article is that the numbers of BBC staff exceeded the UK Olympic atheletes at both the Winter and Summer games).
    I can’t think when I last sought out a BBC programme (except perhaps Top Gear). I completely shocked a telemarketer representing my local BBC service when I told him I’d be willing to pay about £2/month for all BBC channels if I had to subscribe to them, but I wouldn’t really miss them, not even the news.

  5. Pascvaks says:

    Look Out Verity!!! Looks like “foia” sent you the BBCGATE Files Link. From Russia With … 😉

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