The Explosive Sun: Source of Light, Life and Stunning Images

For those interested in the Sun, the Sun-Earth connection and Northern Lights, I’ve been alerted to a new popular science book – one that’s about real science.

“Our Explosive Sun – A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life” by Pål Brekke

“Our Explosive Sun includes 143 color illustrations and photos of the Sun, several of which were made especially for the book and have never been published before. Additional material, available via Springer Extras, includes a large number of animations and video material. A PowerPoint presentation of the book is a useful resource for teachers.”

More info, electronic version and sample pages:

From what the preview pages show, it is a gorgeous book. It looks to be perfect for stimulating young minds with ‘clean’ science (without the hidden agenda and enviro-guilt that seems to pervade so many popular science books these days).  From Dr Brekke’s own website ( here is a selection of images/pages:

Animation of sample images (from the Norwegian edition)

When I saw the term “Greenhouse Effect” in the index I had a slight moment of panic – it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked to highlight something with a warmist agenda, but I needn’t have worried – Dr Brekke uses the term in its original sense:

“Gas and particles in the atmosphere contribute to the natural greenhouse effect. The atmosphere allows visible light from the sun to penetrate down to the ground but traps the outgoing infrared light. This is the mechanism that maintains a comfortable average temperature here on Earth.” (page 104)

Pål Brekke (Click for Bio)

In fact Dr Brekke, a Norwegian solar physicist and Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Space Centre (the national space agency in Norway) has been an outspoken critic of the IPCC and Al Gore, and was  ‘almost bullied’ for questioning the factual basis of the claim that carbon dioxide is causing dramatic climate change.

In a 2009 interview in “Teknisk Ukeblad” (original in Norwegian) – the Google translation is a bit quirky –  Al Gore did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize he said:

“I personally think that it was wrong that he should get it. He has run and contributed to climate hysteria. There are some factual errors in the film. Therefore, I believe that it is wrong that the film has been used uncritically in teaching in schools. I know that teachers who wanted to present climate problems more nuanced, have been denied this.”

So come on all you parents, grandparents, teachers and school governors – let’s make sure this book gets a place in classrooms and on children’s bookshelves (after you’ve grabbed a copy for yourselves of course).

Available at or you can preorder at (UK release date 28th Jan).

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  3. ArndB says:

    Hi Verity,
    The sun is everything we need, wishing a lot of sunny time throughout 2012.
    While the climate system does not work without the sun (NOTE: the UNFCCC definition – Article 1, para. 3. “Climate system” does not mention the sun at all), the sun is not the relevant climatic change factor. That is water, and the average temperature of the earthly water (in the oceans) is only plus 4°C. Sun spots can be traced due to their influence on the oceans, but that has always been marginal, and (presumably) never triggered a serious climatic change. Human activities in the marine environment is a much more serious issue; soon more on that, with best wishes Arnd

    [Reply – hello Arnd, how right you are, V.]

  4. Pål Brekke says:

    Yes – they called me (+ many others…).. And they talked to both sides which is unusual

  5. Pål Brekke says:

    I tried to make a youtube video to promote my book…check it out

    My book is also now available on iTunes..

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