Congratulations Watts Up With

One hundred million page views

108 page views

100 megaviews or 0.1 gigaviews

However you put it, that’s a heck of a lot of bytes out of the walls of the AGW edifice (among other things).

My screencap at 15:43 GMT / 07:43 PST

Today at some time just after 15:43 GMT (07:43 PST) Watts Up With That? had its one-hundred millionth visitor.  The screencap left shows 99,999,962 views, and having watched the stats sit at ~50-60 hits a minute earlier in the day (3000+ views per hour) that’s as close as it gets. The counter refreshed at just after the hour (16:00/08:00) at 100,004,397. Anthony had wanted the 100,000,000 views screen cap but WordPress stats just don’t update that frequently.

A great big pat on the back to Anthony for his curiosity, enthusiasm for science and especially for standing up for his beliefs and opinions; for the vision he has had in creating and developing WUWT and the SurfaceStations project and showing the world he has staying power.

WUWT played its own (major) part in my ‘conversion’ – I wonder how many others it has influenced in the same way.  So a big round of applause to all the post authors, commenters and the other moderators. It makes me really proud to be a (small) part of it.

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2 Responses to Congratulations Watts Up With

  1. AGW_Skeptic says:

    Today at some time just after 15:43 GMT (07:43 PST) Watts Up With That? had its millionth visitor.

    I think you meant to say one-hundred millionth.

    [Fixed – Thank you! You always read what you think you’ve written. Gets me every time. V.]

  2. Bloke down the pub says:

    Hopefully Verity, the arguement will have been won before you get close to that milestone.

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