Skeptic blogs – reaching the parts that the media cannot

Clean Sweep of 5/5 at the Blog ‘Oscars’

Congratulations to Jo Nova, Rog ‘Tallbloke’, Steve McIntyre and Anthony Watts. I’m absolutely delighted for all of them.

Source: (with pictures copied from WUWT).

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.  I never thought I’d see the German media leading the way on ditching alarmism but it seems so.

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  3. Doug Cotton says:

    Within about 24 hours there will be a new paper Radiated Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics at

    In over 6,000 words it covers a wide range of reasons why carbon dioxide can have no warming effect and only a slight cooling effect.

    This is only the sixth paper to be accepted by this organisation which is dedicated to the truth in science.

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