Tree Art

More Earth Art – can’t see the water for the trees

The first one below is for Tom Harley at Pindanpost. I think the last one is my favourite. Given the location, I’ll dedicate it to James Delingpole after his recent swim.

Recognise this Tom?

This one looks more like a watercolour, or ink bleeding intricately into damp paper.

The gnarled old stunted growth of a bonsai?

Somehow this makes me think of reptiles?

If I ignore the channel, this makes me think of a cold winter day

These next two are in South Korea.

Like green veins on old leathery skin

This one really does look like a tree

Somewhere in Great Barrier Reef

My favourite.  It looks like it should be the backdrop on a set for Hansel and Gretel or something that calls for an enchanted forest. I might have to print that and frame it for my wall.

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7 Responses to Tree Art

  1. Fractal art indeed. Looking at images like these, satisfying and entertaining as it is, makes one realise how insignificant mankind is in the “grand scheme of things”. I’ll use the coordinates along the bottom of the pics to check ’em out myself. Natural art beats plies of bricks, shapeless lumps of metal, and even old masters any day.

  2. Another Ian says:

    Verity, O/T and a WTF post

    There is a something going on with wordpress and maybe IE. I have IE 8 with all known updates. Yet I can’t paste to your site – or any of the others that I follow in the northern hemisphere.

    But I have no trouble with those in the southern, including Jo Nova’s after a recent major upgrade.

    Just bringing to your attention – don’t expect you have “THE ANSWER”

    When things get less hectic I’ll likely try another browser

    • I use Opera 99% of the time, because it has features I like (built-in notes for example, v.useful for storing text from websites), bur use Firefox when I get any problems. Hint – try using the old DOS & Windows keyboard commands for paste (CTRL V) and copy (CTRL C). I sometimes find right-click/Paste doesn’t “take” instantly and needs a few attempts. CRTL V is often quicker, and always works for me.

    • Verity Jones says:

      IE8 seems to give a lot of problems with WordPress. There have been quite a few flagged up through WUWT. The Ctrl V solution suggested by MostlyHarmless should work as it is a paste command still needed in WordPress for pasting anything from MSWord.

  3. Another Ian says:



    Well! It works!!


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