Cold, Wet and Miserable

We’re all cold, it’s wet, and I’m miserable!

You probably don’t need to be told this, but May 2012 is ontrack to become the coldest for over three hundred years.

It comes “hot” on the tail of the wettest April in a century and the driest March for more than fifty years. And let’s not forget that 20 million people are still banned from using their hosepipes! (from The Great British Weather)

It feels more like February than May – looks like Piers Corbyn is going to be right.

Photo: Peter Jolly in The Telegraph

The Telegraph’s headline is Britain colder than Arctic and Antarctic with just two weeks until summer.

The mercury is colder than February’s usual 7C highs, and up to 10C colder than May’s normal 16C peaks.

The Midlands will this weekend be 9C colder than the 18.7C at Coleshill, Birmingham, on February 23.

Britain claimed a Polar double two weeks from summer as the country is colder than the Arctic and even the Antarctic – where it is winter.

The Arctic town of Berlevag – one of Europe’s most northerly settlements, on the northern tip of Norway – hit 16C yesterday

On Wednesday, temperatures fell to -5C in Scotland and -1C in Dorset, lower than the San Martin Antarctic research station, which – despite only three hours’ sunlight – fell to only 1C overnight.

You see – this is what we get for proclaiming Britain to be Hotter than the Sahara for the start of summer time (that was “British Summer Time” – the clocks going forward in March).

But this is serious folks! Livelihoods are affected.  I heard a farmer on the radio complaining at the lack of grass growth.  A quick search on-line turned up data from Ireland where the contrast to last year’s warm April couldn’t be more dramatic:

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