We know just how you feel

This made me laugh yesterday:


Image Source: Krzysztof Łuszczki via Irish Weather Online (Facebook) h/t David Spurgeon

Weather (as opposed to climate) has continued to dominate the news this week (Washout weekend trend continues; Britain battered by torrential downpours; Second weekend of flooding forecast; 50 year storm heading for Britain bringing downpours and 70mph winds), bringing to an end the “wettest drought in history” as water companies finally lift the hosepipe ban.

How many of us think that nature is self-correcting and grow ever more weary of hearing about climate change?  In the light of recent summers, just how are the climate predictions working out for you?

As a tongue-in-cheek article by Terry Wogan puts it –

It may well look as if it’s “water, water everywhere” now, but all it will take will be a couple of weeks’ sunshine for panic to set in again, and we’ll all be advised to start planting cacti instead of flowers.

Don’t give me any more of that climate change clap-trap. We’re all cynics now.

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