In the Dark Too

Anthony’s reasons for suspending WUWT posts until Sunday are his own and I am not party to them.  In fact I was unaware of the posting until I got home, so for the record and before anyone else phones, emails or skypes me to ask, I am completely in the dark too and just as intrigued as anyone. Roll on Sunday.

There’s much speculating on The Blackboard – Gleick (my first guess), FOIA, Heartland…

Lucia has made a good point:

…it’s possible that he’s announcing Sunday because
1) He needs to carefully word something and
2) Monday is a good newsday for Newspapers. But by announcing Sunday, everyone will be talking Monday morning. Also, noon PST is not noon everywhere. Noon Sunday is probably just in time for the UK news media bloggers to read and comment.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Anyone care to guess how many hits WUWT will get on Sunday?

Update – even better speculations at Bishop Hill.

Anoneumouse said:

From Norwich to Pennsylvania I can hear the sound of twitching sphincters


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  1. Verity Jones says:

    OK Anthony has updated to end the wild speculation. It is project-related.

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