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Bishop Hill has a link to the Climategate police investigation – the closure report.  h/t to Paul Matthews for drawing my attention to the following sentence.

With regard to the publication of FOIA 2011 enquiries identified that of the four websites known to have been used to signpost FOI 2011 one was administered from within the UK.

I for one feel reassured at the level of thoroughness of the police investigation.

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  1. Verity,

    Did you miss off the /sarc tag deliberately?

    PC Plod have never been known for their arithmetical prowess or perhaps they can only use one hand (becaus ethe other one is tie dbehind their back by the ‘establishment’) and don’t think thumbs count hence only four web sites.

    Does make you wonder though whether or not if they could actually count if it would have been you or I getting the knock on the door rather than tallbloke.

    As I’ve stated before if they’d knocked on my door they’d have been given short shirt and most definitely not have left with any of my computers and/or router. Their visit wouldl also have been followed swiftly by a letter from my brief. One of the problems we have in the UK is that most of us are far too compliant and trustworthy of ‘authority’. Sadly in reality now, IMO, almost all of the ‘establishment’ are now corrupt and are running the country for their own personal gain.


  2. Verity Jones says:

    Over at the Bishop Hill thread commenter Martin A says:

    Either incompetence or a completely competent look through the wrong end of the telescope in the wrong direction, to be sure of avoiding finding something that would be very embarrassing indeed?

    I like the second explanation. With the economic unraveling and backtracking on climate pledges that is happening now (Well done Canada!) I think we are seeing the establishment swimming along relatively calmly on the surface like a swan, but there is furious paddling going on beneath the surface to try to avoid the current going over the waterfall. It would not surprise me if there had been say government ‘assistance’ in the original leak/hack, and that we’ll never know.

  3. Bloke down the pub says:

    As the statute of limitations is up, I don’t suppose you’ll get much hassle now. The last year could have been so much more interesting for you.

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