Random or target?

Busy again and less time for blogging recently, however I’ve been getting a few emails about this so it is worth highlighting that Google Chrome throws a wobbly for people trying to view the site.   The problem seems to be the links from the blog to Kevin’s http://www.climateapplications.com which holds images for some of Kevin’s posts.  I’ve known about this to some extent for at least a month.  My AV software rebelled when I went to look up some maps; Kevin (who is an IT professional) checked his site and it was clean.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera do not flag up any problems with DITC, but Google Chrome is not happy:

Image courtesy of reader ‘Chuckles’

When I try to visit Climate Applications I get this message:

Clicking on the “Why was this page blocked?” button brings up the following:

I suppose I could chalk this up as a ‘yeah, this sh*t happens’ but with the recent problems that Jo Nova and GWPF have had, I do wonder if this is more than a random attack.  Thank goodness I’ve stayed with WordPress hosting.

Kevin’s pretty busy these days and I’ve had conflicting thoughts of what to do about this. On one hand most readers, or at least regulars will realise that a WordPress blog is not a problem in itself, but there’s always the desire for new readers to find the blog and increase their understanding of issues discussed. The last thing we want is for someone seeking information to be deterred from reading viewpoints that differ from the standard pro-AGW view (but of course there are certain people who WOULD like to prevent that).

It seems I have a choice.  I can ignore this and carry on – but why should I give in to a bullying tactic, if that’s what it is?  – or, I can download and save copies of the images on WordPress itself and remove the ‘offending’ links to prevent anyone from being put off. So the question is – which?

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8 Responses to Random or target?

  1. hro001 says:


    I have noticed this the last few times I’ve used Chrome to get here. I thought it was rather odd (but did not let it deter me). I’m not sure what the solution might be; but the conflicting messages in their “diagnosis” strongly suggests that Google Chrome may have gone overboard in favour of the (you should pardon the expression!) “precautionary principle” 😉

  2. Verity Jones says:

    Thanks Hilary. Recent concern over Google +1 and notifications blocking sites suggests that there may be dirty tricks involved. I’m quite sure Google is only obeying the precautionary principle; it’s the how they ended up having to apply it that I wonder about. My blog stats a few months ago had a spate of ‘unsafe’ notifications. I’ve got better things to do than spend my time and energy countering this each time it happens. Smacks of desperation to me.

  3. j ferguson says:

    Hi Verity,
    I’d been getting the same thing on Chrome and had decided this afternoon to try firefox to see if it worked, and here I am. Now back to Chromium (in this Linux case).

  4. catweazle666 says:

    That doesn’t surprise me.

    Google have form with regard to sceptic web sites or activities such as Climategate, removing or demoting them in the search engine results for example.

    To say nothing of their password and logon stealing in conjunction with their camera car activities.

    “Do no harm”…. Yeah, right.

  5. Verity Jones says:

    @j ferguson
    Well, glad to have you back. Now I just have to find interesting things to write again.

    I don’t necessarily see Google as doing anything other than responding to reports from or actions of others as they (probably) need to do. It is the ‘others’ that I see as culprits here.

  6. Thanks for bringing Kevin’s site to my attention. I have bookmarked and plan to wade through it when time allows.

  7. That Climategate email search engine is amazing. Given my fondness for Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, I got a blast out of the user name (pjones) and the password (themanbehindthecurtain).

    I hope this gets an honorable mention on WUWT.

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