Only catching up with recent events this evening, including WUWT-TV presenting a more balanced antidote to Al Gore’s scarathon “dirty energy=dirty weather” (which is here).

Andrew Montford is on at the moment.  Well done Anthony – enjoy!

To watch WUWT-TV click here or to go to the USTREAM site click the image below.

For those in the UK (or at least on GMT) here’s the remainder of the schedule with times converted to GMT.

Andrew Montford (live) 5pm GMT 9AM PST Nov15 The Hockey Stick/28Gate
Dr. Roy Spencer (live) 6pm GMT 10AM PST Nov15 What Causes Climate Change?
Steve McIntyre (live) 7pm GMT 11AM PST Nov15 The Climate Year in Review: a new focus on extremes
Dr. Tim Ball (live) 8pm GMT 12PM PST Nov15 Warming – A deception?
Joe Bastardi (live) 9pm GMT 1PM PST Nov15 Forecasting extremes
Joe D’Aleo (live) 10:30 GMT 1:30PM PST Nov15 Extreme weather & Sandy
John Kehr (live) 11pm GMT 2PM PST Nov15 The Inconvenient Skeptic
Harold Ambler (live) 12 midnight GMT / 3PM PST Nov15 Ignoring Weather History
Maurizo Morabito  (live) 0:30 am GMT 3:30PM PST Nov15 BBC’s Twenty Eight Gate
Donna Laframboise (live) 1am GMT  4PM PST Nov15 The IPCC – Unreliable & Untrustworthy
Anthony Watts & Evan Jones (live) 2am GMT 5PM PST Nov15 Update on the surfacestations project and Watts et al paper.


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  1. water guy says:

    how about a link to future schedules.

    thank you

    [Reply – well, I wish… but it was a one-off broadcast.]

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