The milliWatt Gym

Or is that ‘millipede’? Hot on the heels of The KiloWatt Gym comes a slightly more modest phone-charger version.

A hamster wheel converter anyone? A perfect gift for those environuts who worry (needlessly) about leaving their phone charging overnight.

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11 Responses to The milliWatt Gym

  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    Based on a design by Michael Bentine? In a dusty corner of my memory vault there’s a recollection of a progamme introduced by Bentine , where he advocated turning a large chunk of the Peruvian Amazon into farmland. I don’t think that would get shown on the Beeb these days.

    • Verity Jones says:

      I did enjoy Michael Bentine’s stuff. Wasn’t he half Peruvian? Ah the good old days before global warming, eco-this, eco-that – oh and political correctness

  2. John Robertson says:

    Thanks for the laugh Bug power all the way.
    I’m coming to the conclusion a human sized variant will be needed, as the wind don’t blow at 30 below and 4 hours of sun or none when its cloudy, don’t cut it.
    The policy makers, who in their wisdom have squandered our wealth on bird dicers and shiny trinkets, shall make up the missing power.
    The hamster wheel of pain, for retributive justice, as I see it a fitting use for the regulatory class.
    Do you see the government connection to this pseudo-green insanity?
    Or am I just too cynical?
    Each time I try follow the money, I find my govt funding the agencies that are driving this attack on our way of life and well being. When I question local govt science advisors, as in where can I view the science upon which this(any eco-fad emissions reduction) policy is based?, I get,We defer to the IPCC and then precautionary principle arm waving. The govt has no published list of science supporting their policy.
    Yet in their policy statements it is clear no one has read the IPCC FAR. The govt agencies constantly publish statements that far exceed the claimed, highly likely,certainty of the IPCC.
    At what point does this failure to perform the duties of office become fraud?
    The worst part is I could collect grant money from my govt with this concept of Eco-friendly, biomass driven, emissions free, power that is 100% reliable in all weather conditions..ect. As long as I don’t mention the need for slaves or eco-compulsive labour to drive it.

  3. John Robertson says:

    Eco-slavery yes, based on my electricity bills I can buy and run a 10 Kw Kubuto diesel genset for less than the govt monopoly charges, oh the joys of magical thinking.

  4. Another Ian says:


    O/T but FYI

    [Reply – thanks – another good one. I’ve been too busy even to comment much lately]

  5. Bloke down the pub says:

    Have an happy Christmas V.

  6. John Robertson says:

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Verity Jones says:

    @Bloke down the pub and John Robertson
    Thank you both. Catching up now after a short blogging hiatus promised to the family over Christmas. Hope you both had a good one too.

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