Busy Days

Best laid plans… I’ve been working on a post (a good one I think) for the last week at least but ran into Christmas prep. Every day since Friday I’ve been thinking “When I get X (list of things) done I’ll sit down with a coffee/glass of wine and finish it”, but no.

Still decorating the house was fun…


I’ve always wanted a Hansel & Gretel House. It’s made of Grasmere Gingerbread.  I found the recipe in an old (1948) Good Housekeeping cookery book that was given to me by an elderly neighbour when I was in my teens.  It comes out at Christmas for all the traditional recipes.  The smell of the book itself takes me back.


My daughter also wanted to make stained glass biscuits… and fudge, however we didn’t boil that for long enough and it was too soft to cut, so we turned it into caramel shortcake. Yum.


We’re rather fond of Lebkuchen, but  have only ever bought them previously.  Making them turned out to be really easy.  Great recipe from Fishfingers for Tea (food blog). I added roasted nibbed hazelnuts and a teaspoon of ground ginger, and substituted syrup for honey.  They don’t look that pretty but, oh the taste!


Thanks for all the festive wishes on the blog and by emails.  I’ll get caught up with correspondence one of these days.

Merry Christmas folks!

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8 Responses to Busy Days

  1. j ferguson says:

    Clarity dear Verity,
    Surely the 1948 book given you in your teens was old THEN.

    The goodies look delicious. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Thank you for your interesting blog.


    one of the residual effects of having been read Grimm in our early years is that every story told aboard m/v arcadian must begin with “Deeeep in the forest … “

    • Verity Jones says:

      Or “Long ago and far away…” 😉

      Oh dear i though I was being quite clear – published in 1948 – is that better?

      Hope you had a very merry one too – cupboards still groaning with goodies as I went a bit OTT to take my mind off the stress of the day job.

  2. catweazle666 says:

    Looks lovely Verity.

    Fortunately I have a wife to do all that good stuff!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • Verity Jones says:

      Well my husband did most of the Christmas Day meal this year; in fact I’ve been so busy this year he’s done the majority of the cooking. Having taken the daily chore out of it for me, I’ve started to enjoy cooking again and am doing more ambitious recipes at weekends.
      Happy New Year to you and your wife.

  3. Bloke down the pub says:

    New Year’s resolutions are always a problem when someone in the house makes cakes as good as that. I’ll look forward to the new post.

    • Verity Jones says:

      I grew up in a house where the cake tins were always groaning with goodies baked by my mother. I guess we all moved around more then and walked everywhere which helped keep us thin. I’ve started baking again, because of costs. It is much cheaper to bake a batch of cookies using real ingredients (like butter) – and they taste better.

      • I’d be very careful of admitting you’d heard cake tins “groaning” if I were you. Of course, if such events invariably followed sessions of consuming “falling-down water” in seasonal quantities then all is explained. A happy (remnant of) Christmas to you; a productive and prosperous new year, and may all your cookies rise like model projections. Well, perhaps not the latter, as they’d not fit in the “groaning tins”.

      • Verity Jones says:

        ‘groaning’ probably a colloquialism = ‘creaking under the weight of the contents’. One of those times not to be taken literally. “The Ghost in the Tin”. LOL.

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