Magical Moonrise

MoonrisePrepare yourself for three minutes of magic as you watch this amazing video of moonrise by photographer & digital visual effects artist Mark Gee.  Mark has worked on many high profile films, including The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and The Hobbit.The video is a real time capture of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in the capital city of Wellington, New Zealand. Mark says it is something he has wanted to do for over a year. He finally got the shot on 28th January.

“The weather, moon phases and  finding a suitable location where I could actually get the moon rising directly over the lookout. Finally it all came together – I found the perfect location, and the weather in Wellington was amazing! Luckily there were people watching the moon rise from the Mount Victoria Lookout. I didn’t know what to expect with the performance of everyone up there, but I couldn’t have directed it better myself, even though they had no idea I was filming them.”

The following map shows the line of sight for the shot across Wellington, from Central Park to Mount Victoria Lookout 2.1 km away.

moon map

Click for Mark Gee’s description on Google Maps.

Mark’s other work, including stunning photos of the stars and Milky Way over the New Zealand landscape, can be viewed on his website

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4 Responses to Magical Moonrise

  1. hro001 says:

    WOW! This is absolutely amazing … and as you said, Verity, quite magical.

  2. Caleb says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Verity. I needed that.

  3. Verity Jones says:

    If you haven’t already seen it, the Disney Pixar short La Luna is a real joy too. It can be watched in full here:

  4. I walked the mile home from my best mate’s house at about 2230 last night – the sky was clear, and despite some street-light pollution, the stars stood out. I took a slight detour across a local park to get a better and un-polluted view, and almost fell over backwards as I scanned across and up past Sirius, through Orion and Taurus to where the beacon of Jupiter shone steady and un-twinkling above. I took a full 45 minutes to cover the mile. I’ll never tire of the view of the stars and planets. Bryan Cox should do more of it – it’d maybe give him some sense of humility.

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