Christmas Cheer


I made it! It’s been a bit of a gallop getting Christmas prep done this year, but here I am with everything in hand and time to post a picture. Wow!

Blogging has been non-existent of late for a plethora of reasons – work, travel, DIY, and a MOOC (more about MOOCs to come when I get back into blogging).

Baking has been light this year, with a few disasters: I gave into time pressure and bought a gingerbread house kit.  It worked really well and was a huge success, but after two days the gingerbread, hard when unpacked, went soft and it collapsed, so we had to pretend we were Hansel and Gretel earlier than planned.

Since I LOVE home made mince pies, I always end up with too much homemade mincemeat and to use it up this year I tried Mary Berry’s Sweet Mince Streusel – well disaster! – I dropped it when taking it out of the oven.

There’s enough brandy in the Christmas cake to intoxicate a granny, and the shortbread Christmas trees have been a hit. As you can see we’ll be imbibing later – hic.

Not sure how this post will look as I’m posting it from my tablet (an ASUS Memopad) which has been a real workhorse during recent travel, but I now get to explore over an extended break this year.

A heartfelt thanks to all who have sent individual messages. I’ll get to the replies over the next day or so.

Merry Christmas to all.

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10 Responses to Christmas Cheer

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Verity, and best wishes to you and yours for the holidays and the New Year! [snip – off topic]

  2. catweazle666 says:

    To you too, Verity!

  3. The view from here, so to speak, is that your post looks fine, Verity! Wishing you and your family an enjoyable holiday season … and time for more of your posts in 2014:-)


    • Verity Jones says:

      All – thank you for the good wishes. May I wish you all a prosperous 2014.

      Omanuel – you are welcome to post here but please keep comments relevant and refrain from repeated attempts to link to documents that have no pertinence.

      Paul – do keep up the prolific posting. It is hard work – I know only too well.

      Catweazle666 – thank you.

      Hilary – thank you – and do keep chipping away at the block yourself.

  4. John Robertson says:

    Happy New Year.
    Is there not a Yiddish? term, mook.?
    Spelling unsure, that fits those who are separated from their funds by such agencies?
    The year sure has rung out well, its -50C in my neighbourhood and I am glued to the computer snickering at the ship of fools.
    The MSM sure is frightened to tell this story, but that only improves the decline of Catastrophic sky gazing.

    • Verity Jones says:

      Happy New Year to you too!

      Apologies, I replied a few evenings ago, but WordPress for Android ate my comment, and since I had links in it I gave up and went to bed.

      From – #2 seems a possible fit, although no mention of Yiddish.
      1. Noun. A disagreeable or incompetent person.
      2. Noun. (slang, forensic accounting) A manipulated or rigged set of business accounting ledgers.

      Yes I’ve been glued to the Ship of Fools too, but have only just had time to post something. I’m also glued to the freezing weather you’re experiencing; friends in Canada too are suffering – about -17C and yet more friends in New Jersey are under the blizzard. Having ‘enjoyed’ just such a blizzard last February (in the US) I can sympathize.

    • John, I believe the word you are thinking of is “schnook” – and it is most apt:

      From Yiddish שנוק (shnuk), a person easily imposed upon or cheated.

      Although gives a somewhat more encompassing definition:

      a person who is gullible or easily cheated
      This comes from the German word “schnucke”, which means “sheep”. It has the connotation of innocence and meekness.

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