Climate change increases weather

Am I allowed a touch of shadenfreude? AgainPaul Homewood and Pierre Gosselin highlight the embarrassing “Just Say Anything as long as you blame Climate Change” from Met Office Chief Dame Julia Slingo.

Last year it was drought:

colder drier winters

And don’t forget that was followed by near record rainfall in April.  This year it is storms and rain. Is there anything we can’t blame on climate change?  Or try to?

If forecasts are so wrong, you’ve got to blame something. Perhaps Dame Julia’s pronouncement, just like with the drought, will put an end to the run of storms – her very own version of The Gore Effect.  Before the drought/deluges we had the warm winter that wasn’t, and then there was the ‘average’ July that turned out lovely.

Never mind.  Here are a few ‘wow’ pictures from the last few days.

Photo credit: Adam Gray/ Click for source with 26 additional images.

Simon Emmetts Storm photo

Photo Credit: Simon Emmett (via Facebook)

Huge waves approach the three-storey Cove House Inn at Chesil Beach in Dorset… [KNS NEWS] Source: Daily Express.

There’s certainly been a lot of weather in the past few weeks. Personally, I blame climate change ;-).

Global Laughing Stock UK Met Office – “Lost Touch With Reality…Corrupted Valuable British Institution” – See more at:
Global Laughing Stock UK Met Office – “Lost Touch With Reality…Corrupted Valuable British Institution” – See more at:
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9 Responses to Climate change increases weather

  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    That second photo looks like the goddess Thetis rising from the deep.
    Some of the images on tv have shown newly built houses flooded. First question is how did they get planning permission? Secondly, what was stopping them from raising the house a few feet on stilts so that flood water couldn’t reach them?

  2. tom0mason says:

    Well with all that weather we need some music
    Cue Carole King….

  3. Verity Jones says:

    This is what we need:

  4. PeterMG says:

    Whilst all the emphasis is correctly on the flooding in Somerset and the Thames there is another very damaging matter that has happened to a crucial piece of Infrastructure. The FGW rail line between Reading and Paddington is flooded and this has knocked out the safety equipment. So only 5 trains per hour are allowed through, cut from 20 or more and they think it could take 2 months to drain before they can fix it and then they want to shut the rail down for 2 complete weeks to raise the whole line above the high water mark. I use this line every day, but this week only went in on Monday. This is already an economic disaster and thank the heavens we still have Diesel Powered trains on FGW because if they had been the new electric jobs they have ordered for the line nothing would be running.

    The rain we have had has not been that unusual. The flooding has not been flash flooding but caused simply because our rivers have not been maintained and cleared and it’s an accumulation. I lived in Maidenhead in March 1990 when there was a deluge one Saturday morning and the Thames flooded. The rain was unbelievable that morning and like nothing I have every experienced in the UK. None of these winter storms have come anywhere close, yet each has added a bit more to drainage systems that are only just fit now to drain the land during an average to dry winter.

    Getting back to the person that has the temerity to see themselves referred to as a “chief scientist” and gall to use the title “Lady”; if we had some form of accountability in public life this waste of space would have resigned long ago before being sacked and humiliated. That she can change her story almost on a monthly basis is beyond parody. That she gets away with it is a political problem, and require a political fix. To be honest it’s what we see on a daily basis at all levels of politics, its what we see in the world of quango’s , and paralleled in the global corporate world. The thing all these people have in common is that none of them are any use, none of them could make or mend anything, and none of them now how anything works let alone very often their own organisations. A fundamental change in politics is the only way this situation will reverse.

    • Verity Jones says:

      When travelling, I marvel at the large concrete spillways and river channels in the Mediterranean with, typically, a trickle of a river in the middle. You just know that snow melt and summer storms are variable but large enough to necessitate such infrastructure. The problem we have is the myriad of small streams, many of which are easier to bury and forget. We have one such at the bottom of our garden. It was sunk into a culvert pipe and runs for several hundred metres before emerging into a larger stream. The trouble is that tree roots grow into pipes, debris gets trapped and they no longer do the drainage job the stream used to do. Tree roots and debris, including fat build up is a problem too in sewers. I suspect these are an equivalent problem inbuilt up areas to clogged surface drainage ditches in rural areas.

      Part of me welcomes the increased awareness of environment in planning and development, but of course, as in all things, we end up with a triumph of enthusiasm over experience and end up with nonsense. It is going to take many years to undo the damage done to our planning and regulatory system which has allowed lightweights to rise to the top because they say the right things.

      • PeterMG says:

        Sorry for the typo’s above.

        The solution to all these problems is to move governance back to a local level. This has to go hand in hand with an understanding that if local people make decisions they then carry the can. Global governance is a recipe for disaster as no one can be held accountable, which is the system beloved of our political classes, Bankers and Corporate class.

        In our modern world we have the technology to protect us from most that nature can through at us, but we need to have a man made disaster every now and again to inject reality into our thinking.

  5. D J C says:


    • Verity Jones says:

      Doug – don’t start this again. I have no interest in you trying to promote your book.

      Anyone who wonders what I’m about – see this thread: for example:

      Visiting Physicist (Comment #124037)
      February 8th, 2014 at 12:14 am
      This comment is redacted by lucia
      […] I believe none of you will be able to answer this question without using the hypothesis in my book. The planet Uranus exhibits virtually no energy imbalance, which indicates there is insignificant net energy coming from its small solid core (55% the mass of Earth) even though that core is at about 5,000K. […]
      Visiting Physicist : Any chance you can provide the title and author for the book you refer to as ‘my book’? — lucia

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