Never Mind Rwanda, Eat Vegetables!

I’m not usually one for reblogging, but Paul Homewood is right – this quite an article. Former Irish President Robinson gets a lashing.

She now has set up The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, which aims to be ‘a centre for thought leadership, education and advocacy on the struggle to secure global justice for those many victims of climate change who are usually forgotten – the poor, the disempowered and the marginalised across the world.’

I love the ‘Mammy Earth’ reference. So ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’.


By Paul Homewood


It seems the Irish Independent is truly independent, unlike its British marxist sister version.

The UN has released its latest report into global warming or, as we’re now meant to call it, climate change.

And, like all UN reports, it should be treated with the same kind of scepticism and contempt that greets every utterance that is farted out of the bowels of that corrupt, counterproductive, bloated and profoundly dangerous organisation. One could quite easily make the argument that the United Nations is the single most pernicious and wickedly pointless body operating in the world right now – a vast, massive idiocractic bureaucracy that specialises in wasting money and time and accommodating lunatics. In fact, you could also say that the UN dropped any pretence of morality or relevance roughly 20 years ago, when they sat back and did nothing in Rwanda – a feat or…

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3 Responses to Never Mind Rwanda, Eat Vegetables!

  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    Yet people still insist on bowing before the clay claws of this counterproductive behemoth

    Would that be a giant with feet of clay? Personally, I gave up hope for the UN when Dutch blue helmets stood aside and let hundreds get massacred in the former Yugoslavia.

  2. j ferguson says:

    Well, gosh. I thought the French gave us a statue to encourage “– the poor, the disempowered and the marginalised across the world.” to come here. Or at least New York Harbor – which should be getting bigger even as I write if we’re to believe what we read and hear almost everywhere.

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