I believe in global warming

gore_at_the_operaThere’s been a little song running through my head today while I make mince pies and wrap presents.

I thought you might enjoy it.

They said children won’t know what snow is
They said it’s a disaster for earth
But instead there’s a pause in the warming
Just listen to the skeptics’ mirth
When I saw the light one evening
An inconvenient warning so dire
A story to tell of the road to hell
Al’s eyes full of passion and fire

They sold me the need for mitigation
They told me of Third World plight
inconvenientprize9But they sold me a fairy story
And I believed that they were telling it right
And I believed in global warming
And I looked skyward with concern in my eyes
’till I saw a new dawn and knew I was a pawn
And I saw him and through his disguise

I wish you a happy Christmas
I wish you a prosperous new year
All storm and rain and climate madness
Spare your way and let your road be clear
They said children won’t know what snow is
They said it’s a disaster for earth
Hallelujah WeatherBell be it heaven or hell
May your Christmas be full of warmth

Beautiful song.  Here’s the original, if you wish to sing along. It may not be that well-known outside the UK.

Greg Lake wrote this as an objection to the commercialism of Christmas. He was concerned that the true spirit of Christmas was being lost in the marketing of the holiday. I second that.

Happy Christmas to all.

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11 Responses to I believe in global warming

  1. Another Ian says:


    That looks like Al blowing the powder of a now banned APC headache fixer over a match!

    And seasons greetings

  2. catweazle666 says:

    I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but here is the best Christmas present for sceptics for many a year.

    Happy Christmas Verity!

  3. Bloke down the pub says:

    Happy Christmas Verity, good to see you back in the saddle. I’d hoped to see you at the John Cook lecture at Bristol but see you were otherwise occupied. I’ve been lucky that the only black dog I’ve had to deal with was a border collie.

    • Verity Jones says:

      And Happy Christmas to you to. That was a really busy time and I had to be at the opposite end of the country the morning after which made Bristol an impossibility.

  4. Another Ian says:


    Happy New Year from down under

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    Just stopped in to say


    It is still 2014 here (approaching Noon).
    I’ll come back.
    Best to all.

  6. Climate Researcher says:

    [snip] Doug Cotton again I presume. Happy New Year to you, but please don’t bother trying to post any comments.

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