New music for old

For a bit of fun on a wet Saturday, some music on unexpected instruments – songs as you’ve not heard them before, starting with an excellent version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal – on a barrel organ.

Next up New Order’s 1982 hit Blue Monday without a synthesizer in sight. According to Buzzfeed New Order lacked technology (and money) in the early 1980s and built much of the technology needed to create their sound.

In 2011 Intel showed off a robotic orchestra – the “Intel Industrial Control in Concert.” It was inspired by Pipe Dream and its accompanying 3-D animation, produced by the company Animusic. Intel’s contraption uses 2,300 rubber balls launched by 36 paint ball hoppers. You can see both the Intel and Animusic versions compared here, but the contraption in the following video built out of plywood and using ball bearings is way more cool.

And just ‘cos I like it, a little bit of Queen. Enjoy.


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