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Dog days, black dogs and sitting on thistles

I can’t promise to get back into blogging in the same way as before, but my absence does bear an explanation.  It is a case of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.  Oftentimes you have to take a few … Continue reading

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The dog that did not bark

Guest post by Peter Morcombe Remember the case of “Silver Blaze”?  Here Sherlock Holmes discusses it with a Scotland Yard detective: Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes:  “To the curious … Continue reading

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How Time Flies…

Is it really more than 3 months since I last posted something?  I can easily believe it.  What excuse would you like me to make? I have many, but thankfully this time I’ve no reason to blame a black dog … Continue reading

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Countering Consensus Calculations

Guest Post by Peter Morcombe (gallopingcamel) The Kyoto Protocol Elites around the world tend to believe that rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere will cause catastrophic climate changes.  Collectively they wield enough power to shape energy policies in many … Continue reading

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Challenging Arrhenius Again

Posted on behalf of Peter Morcombe Consensus climate scientists contend that the GHE (Greenhouse Effect) amounts to 33oC.  My definition of the GHE is the change in the average temperature of a planetary body that can be attributed to its … Continue reading

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Snow on the beach

Widespread, severe and prolonged cold for the third winter in a row.  According to the Met Office it could last a month. We’ve escaped so far – it’s just foggy tonight.  While we’ve had plenty of snow and cold in … Continue reading

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A suggestion for climate scientists…

Unleash your inner dummy (via Nature Jobs Column). Peter Fiske suggests that scientists are too hung up on being experts in their field, and this often limits their perspective in applying for jobs and their own view of their potential … Continue reading

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Six Lessons from a Climate Heretic

Bravo! Matt Ridley – The Rational Optimist Bishop Hill posted the text of his Angus Millar Lecture at the RSA in Edinburgh in full. I found it inspirational. In fact what came to mind was the St Crispin’s Day speech … Continue reading

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Month’s most viewed in Telegraph

Something tells me that cloud issues in climate science will not go away.  There’s too much interest from the public now – and they can see past the dogmatism and stifling of debate. When it was first published (27th August), … Continue reading

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Quantifying CO2 Mitigation

Update (1st April 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (13th January 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (26th October 2011) New summary and spreadsheet added – see below Ed Hoskins, since emailing me last November, has been … Continue reading

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