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Bussard Revisited

Sir Harold Spencer Jones, British Astronomer Royal, famously remarked “Space travel is bunk”.   This observation attracted much ridicule over the years although it is clear that Jones was talking about inter stellar travel which may well be impossible. The search … Continue reading

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Electric Power in Florida

This little study got started several years ago because Florida Power & Light and its parent (Next Era Energy) were vigorously lobbying for rate increases and subsidies to support their craving for “Green Energy”. Was FP&L about to go “Green” … Continue reading

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The dog that did not bark

Guest post by Peter Morcombe Remember the case of “Silver Blaze”?  Here Sherlock Holmes discusses it with a Scotland Yard detective: Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes:  “To the curious … Continue reading

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