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Ex-nuclear physicist now self employed software developer searching for plausible evidence as to whether or not mankind is responsible for the late 20th century's (non-)global warming trend.

When Amy met NOAA (and JPMorgan Chase and WWF and …)

After being prompted by Willis E’s recent Open Letter to Google thread on WUWT to blog on the topic of Do Google Do Evil?, I thought I might as well do some further ‘digging in the clay’. To follow up … Continue reading

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Does Google Do Evil?

OK my title is a bit of media sensationalism but so what, you are now reading this thread as a result aren’t you? I’ll admit though that it should really say ‘Is Google biased towards the man-made global warming/climate change … Continue reading

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Vote for WUWT

Do you, like me, think that Watts Up With That is the best science blog on the Internet? If so then why not vote for WUWT in the ‘2011 Bloggies’. WUWT has been nominated in the ‘Best Science Weblog’ category … Continue reading

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Google Earth KML files – spot the global warming

[Updated – pictures added for those who don’t want to download Google Earth – VJones] I’m putting up this new thread so that I can initially let visitors here share in benefit of some work I’m been doing recently in … Continue reading

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Spot the Differences

OK time for a quick ‘spot the differences’ competition! What are the differences between the two following images?

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The ‘Station drop out’ problem

Now that I’ve produced a series of colour coded maps showing the warming/cooling trends in the NOAA/GISS GHCN data for three distinct time periods i.e. 1880 to 1939, 1940 to 1969 and 1970 to 2010 (as well as for the … Continue reading

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