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Food for thought

How would you present climate change from a sceptical viewpoint to a lay audience in a 20 minute talk? That’s what a friend has volunteered to do and recently asked for my help. In particular, could I provide some illustrations?  The … Continue reading

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Mists of time, missed

In mid-November NASA released an ultra-high-resolution computer model simulating how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe. It is visually stunning – all those colours and swirls and detail – see for yourself:

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The dog that did not bark

Guest post by Peter Morcombe Remember the case of “Silver Blaze”?  Here Sherlock Holmes discusses it with a Scotland Yard detective: Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes:  “To the curious … Continue reading

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Arrhenius Revisited

Guest Post by Peter Morcombe Verity Jones kindly provided a soap box for me to compare the theories of Nikolov & Zeller to those of “Climate Scientists” exemplified by Scott Denning.  If N&Z are right the huge sums of money … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Climate Revisited

Peter Morcombe copied me into an email last week asking for feedback on a reworking of his calculations on Nikolov & Zeller’s theory.  He’s had some feedback, notably from Robert G. Brown.  Peter emails: “Robert’s objections are based on dimensional … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Cried Warming | Global Warming Initiative

A new film that’s about to upset a few people (h/t to Pierre Gosselin at NoTricksZone who has watched it and gives it a big thumbs up – ): The Boy Who Cried Warming | Global Warming Initiative. The feature … Continue reading

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Burying Crackpot Theories

Loved Josh’s recent cartoon, but I got to thinking this wouldn’t be allowed in Europe under the detailed rules of the Landfill Directive….

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A Tipping Point Reached

Events this week make me wonder if we have reached a tipping point in climate change.  The trouble with tipping points is that you can only see them with any certainty well after the fact – which is something that … Continue reading

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Quantifying CO2 Mitigation

Update (1st April 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (13th January 2012) Latest versions of files added below. Update (26th October 2011) New summary and spreadsheet added – see below Ed Hoskins, since emailing me last November, has been … Continue reading

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