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Life Takes Over

It’s the beginning of the end.  Watch the Giant with Feet of Clay crumble. A train wreck in slow motion. There’s more sense being said about AR5 than would have been imaginable eighteen months ago when drafts were available. In … Continue reading

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Talking heads

God bless Alan Titchmarsh, gardener, broadcaster, writer, national treasure and all-round good egg, for putting into words many of my petty gripes about the BBC (and news broadcasting in general). ‘Do we really need two newsreaders in a 30 minute … Continue reading

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Spam, comments and etiquette

Judith Curry’s post Blog commenting etiquette makes very useful reading, except that the people who need to read it and heed it don’t. We’ve few problems in this quiet little backwater (quiet mainly due to the now ever present busyness in … Continue reading

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Random or target?

Busy again and less time for blogging recently, however I’ve been getting a few emails about this so it is worth highlighting that Google Chrome throws a wobbly for people trying to view the site.   The problem seems to be … Continue reading

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In the Dark Too

Anthony’s reasons for suspending WUWT posts until Sunday are his own and I am not party to them.  In fact I was unaware of the posting until I got home, so for the record and before anyone else phones, emails … Continue reading

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Lamb’s science to the slaughter

 In David Archibald’s post over at WUWT Premonitions of the Fall (in temperature) there was a comment from Dr Tim Ball that seemed worth giving a bit of separate life. The full comment is here but I’ve excerpted most of it: the … Continue reading

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All’s fair in love, war and the climate debate… or is it?

Update added below. Is Heartland’s Global Warming advert “experiment” an own goal or have they simply achieved their aim? “This billboard was deliberately provocative, an attempt to turn the tables on the climate alarmists by using their own tactics but … Continue reading

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Future Options

Reading an article Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash on the BBC website today, the oft-mentioned link between prosperity and global temperature came to mind (from William Herschel’s 1801 observation that when there were fewer spots, wheat … Continue reading

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Connect the Dots

Over at Watts Up With That, Anthony’s asking for letter writing to inject a bit of sense into the ‘extreme weather’ hype and counter the response to’s climate connect the dots campaign. I have another suggestion. Excerpt from an … Continue reading

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Nature – more consensus than credibility

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph yesterday points out how the authority of Nature is used and abused in the climate debate: Whenever some landmark event in the story is approaching […] Nature can be relied on to come up with … Continue reading

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