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I believe in global warming

There’s been a little song running through my head today while I make mince pies and wrap presents. I thought you might enjoy it. They said children won’t know what snow is They said it’s a disaster for earth

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The Sustainability Redemption

While watching an old favourite last night, it occurred to me that, with small changes, one scene suited a modern take: Man in Suit: Sir, your files say you’ve worked hard to align your business with our new global principles. … Continue reading

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Place your bets…

This news just in… After harsh criticism of its seasonal forecasts, and faced with further government cutbacks, the Met Office has developed an inexpensive new forecasting method. 

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Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day again and I’ve a confession to make.  I’ve been trying to write something on this for the past few years.  I was trying for sort of imagined diary with apologies to the film of the same name. … Continue reading

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Pot, Kettle, Black

What fun to find Dana Nuccitelli’s dirty little secret (WUWT, Andrew Neil (BBC)) that he is now at pains to play down. Apparently he works in contaminated land cleanup. Happy to dish it out but can’t take it, eh? As … Continue reading

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A Modern Climatologist

Guest Post – the wit and rhyme of Mostly Harmless (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore The Pirates of Penzance – Major-General’s song – if you’re not sure of the meter click here to listen). I am the … Continue reading

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Flood defence: an army of snowmen

This is too funny.  The Daily Mail reports: Build a snowman by order of the GOVERNMENT! Environment Agency urges homeowners to pile up ice and prevent flooding by delaying thaw Weather forecasters are predicted a sudden thaw when temperatures swing … Continue reading

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An Amusical Diversion

In searching for a version of Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter for the New Year post, this strange-looking instrument  popped up. It’s a wonderful sort of Heath Robinson device (for US readers think ‘Rube Goldberg’). 

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Happy New Year

This is not so much looking forward to what 2013 will bring as a little musical diversion inspired by a friend and a little overindulgence (as happens at this time of year) – an apt musical representation of a Scotsman … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists’ Road to Hell

If some of Michael Mann’s followers think that prominent skeptics belong in a special circle of hell (see ‘Mannte’s Inferno‘), here’s news for them.  The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell*, as proposed by Neuroskeptic blogspot, are likely to be well … Continue reading

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