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The milliWatt Gym

Or is that ‘millipede’? Hot on the heels of The KiloWatt Gym comes a slightly more modest phone-charger version. A hamster wheel converter anyone? A perfect gift for those environuts who worry (needlessly) about leaving their phone charging overnight.

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Heat-seeking cat

My family are determined to ensure I get a better blog-life balance.  Sometimes they employ tactics to ration my blog time.  The latest weapon is a bit seasonal but is just coming into use as the cooler evenings draw in…

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PC Plod

Bishop Hill has a link to the Climategate police investigation – the closure report.  h/t to Paul Matthews for drawing my attention to the following sentence. With regard to the publication of FOIA 2011 enquiries identified that of the four websites … Continue reading

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Lead them not into temptation

Climatologist; I have a system of undetermined complexity and undetermined composition, floating and spinning in space. It has a few internal but steady state and minor energy sources. An external energy source radiates 1365 watts per meter squared at it … Continue reading

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We know just how you feel

This made me laugh yesterday: Image Source: Krzysztof Łuszczki via Irish Weather Online (Facebook) h/t David Spurgeon

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Burying Crackpot Theories

Loved Josh’s recent cartoon, but I got to thinking this wouldn’t be allowed in Europe under the detailed rules of the Landfill Directive….

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Grants and pants…

Found today by Kevin – Lord May, the Government’s former Chief Scientific Adviser has a theory.  It would suggest that climate scientists might be overcompensating for certain insecurities 😉

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There are times when existing language is insufficient to express the frustration, incredulity or other emotion felt when reading some of the things that are written or said about climate change. That happened to me today and a new word … Continue reading

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Climate Insanity

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists Rising greenhouse emissions may tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report for Nasa* paper Yep “Bizarre” is right. Do The Guardian, NASA and Penn … Continue reading

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The KiloWatt Gym

My plans for a subsidised, grant-aided, energy factory gym of the future. On the Watts Up With That SolarIndustry on the Rise post, Berényi Péter said (July 28, 2011 at 3:25 pm): “I am absolutely sure generating electricity by treadmills … Continue reading

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