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Mists of time, missed

In mid-November NASA released an ultra-high-resolution computer model simulating how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe. It is visually stunning – all those colours and swirls and detail – see for yourself:

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That Warmer Feeling

Unisys Weather has implemented a new colour scheme for the sea surface temperature anomaly (SST Anom). I did see some mention of this in comments elsewhere (WUWT?) but didn’t bother to look until MWhite in comments on the previous post … Continue reading

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Location Location Location

Well now we know, and I for one think it is worth the wait. Assuming this stands up to further scrutiny, and I have every confidence it will, this is a big deal.  These are only initial thoughts. Watts et … Continue reading

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Cherrypicking in Bolivia

Last week the Guardian published an article reporting from Bolivia on plans to introduce new laws related to protecting nature from human activity.  The piece was about the effects of climate change in Bolivia and cited a large and accelerating … Continue reading

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Which Was The Warmest Decade?

Guest Post by Charles Duncan Between 1970 and 2000, global average temperatures (as measured by weather stations and satellites) showed a steady increase, leading to forecasts by some of catastrophic climatic change. However data from weather stations (before the satellite … Continue reading

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KML Maps – Slideshow

I can’t resist.  This is just a post of images from Kevin’s new Google Earth version of his maps.  If you haven’t already read his post do so here as the info about the quality (number of years used to … Continue reading

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Google Earth KML files – spot the global warming

[Updated – pictures added for those who don’t want to download Google Earth – VJones] I’m putting up this new thread so that I can initially let visitors here share in benefit of some work I’m been doing recently in … Continue reading

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Are all anomalies created equal?

Climate is changing; climate has always changed. It is a chaotic system where local microclimate effects can be strong. How can any global average be sure to represent adequately the local nuances and variations (anomalies)? In the existing input data, … Continue reading

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Polar Circumnavigation by Sail

Sailing the Ice-free Northeast Passage and Northwest Passage around the Pole (at least that is the plan…)

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“They believe it is cyclical”

(and they should know – surely – they run the weather station!) I have a habit of taking photos from planes when travelling, even though they usually turn out to be “Why the hell did I take that one?” shots.  … Continue reading

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