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Six Lessons from a Climate Heretic

Bravo! Matt Ridley – The Rational Optimist Bishop Hill posted the text of his Angus Millar Lecture at the RSA in Edinburgh in full. I found it inspirational. In fact what came to mind was the St Crispin’s Day speech … Continue reading

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How BEST to deal with cooling cities

I’ve been silent on BEST so far. I still have not read the papers or looked at the data. I’m barely keeping up with so much being written about it.  New posts on station data analyses have been absent for … Continue reading

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Cleaning House 2: A New Beginning

A fresh start (on this blog) on calling names in the climate game. I’ve always thought that people whose language is liberally sprinkled with the F-word and other expletives lack the ability to express themselves, aim to shock (at least … Continue reading

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Cleaning House

Having made a promise last week on Anthony Watt’s post A modest proposal to Skeptical Science, I fully intend to honour it.  In doing so I have a bit of dilemma.

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The Unpleasant Green Core

My attention was drawn this morning to a new blog by Martin Durkan (he of the Great Global Warming Swindle fame). He promises: “…a series of blog pieces to explore the green politics behind global warming …..”

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TV Meteorologists, UHI and Climate Change

The Great British Weather I watched last night on BBC iPlayer the first of the four-part series “The Great British Weather”.  It was ‘weather as entertainment’ broadcast from a ‘roadshow’ on St Ives beach.  I had it ‘on in the background’ as sometimes … Continue reading

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Auntie – your slip is showing

Time for the Beeb to rethink its appearance on at least one aspect of science reporting. I was gobsmacked by Tuesday’s news predicting a sunspot cycle shutdown.  I mean, yes I have been following the science, theories  and speculation about … Continue reading

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Fruits of a tangled web

The Sunday Telegraph, under the headline today:   “Lobbyists who cleared ‘Climategate’ academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC”  describes “A shadowy lobby group which pushes the case that global warming is a real threat is being funded by the taxpayer … Continue reading

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Concern continues after tsunami

Kevin has been ‘spot on’ so far in his informed speculation about events at the Fukushima I plant in the aftermath of the tsunami (previous post here), so I thought I’d share a bit more.   First, we just wanted to … Continue reading

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Fukushima Confusion

Kevin, who is an ex-nuclear physicist with over 20 years experience of working in the industry has been providing an interesting commentary on the developments at the nuclear plants  in Japan after the earthquake. I thought readers might be interested … Continue reading

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