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Location Location Location

Well now we know, and I for one think it is worth the wait. Assuming this stands up to further scrutiny, and I have every confidence it will, this is a big deal.  These are only initial thoughts. Watts et … Continue reading

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Examining Urban Heat Islands – Part 1.

How cities grow Roy Spencer’s recent work (here and here) and comments by Peter Azlac got me thinking about urban heat islands (UHI) again.  I’ve been musing that so many studies show, measure or quantify UHI in various places, and … Continue reading

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How BEST to deal with cooling cities

I’ve been silent on BEST so far. I still have not read the papers or looked at the data. I’m barely keeping up with so much being written about it.  New posts on station data analyses have been absent for … Continue reading

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Cherries are not the only fruit

A Tamino rant aimed at Joe D’Aleo’s Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record (also at ICECAP) has had me smiling.  Tamino’s accusation against Joe of cherry picking are centred on one of the graphs originally posted here at … Continue reading

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Antarctic ice – more accurate estimates

Cracking ice shelves make headlines, but ice loss estimates that are revised downwards don’t.  While there is great hand wringing over coastal ice loss in Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica has more than eight times the ice … Continue reading

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The only way is up

Charles Duncan has sent me a simple analysis comparing the unadjusted and adjusted versions of the data in GHCN V3. The following graphs were created in an Excel spreadsheet as anomalies for each stations ref 1940 using a First Differences … Continue reading

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Cherrypicking in Bolivia

Last week the Guardian published an article reporting from Bolivia on plans to introduce new laws related to protecting nature from human activity.  The piece was about the effects of climate change in Bolivia and cited a large and accelerating … Continue reading

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Willis was right – and NCDC agrees: no wild adjustments at Darwin.

 Christopher Booker’s Telegraph column yesterday quoted Willis Eschenbach. Except that some trolls there didn’t like what was being said about Willis’ critical open letter to Nature – how dare he!  They felt they should point out why his views are not … Continue reading

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KML Maps – Slideshow

I can’t resist.  This is just a post of images from Kevin’s new Google Earth version of his maps.  If you haven’t already read his post do so here as the info about the quality (number of years used to … Continue reading

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Google Earth KML files – spot the global warming

[Updated – pictures added for those who don’t want to download Google Earth – VJones] I’m putting up this new thread so that I can initially let visitors here share in benefit of some work I’m been doing recently in … Continue reading

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