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Spot the Differences

OK time for a quick ‘spot the differences’ competition! What are the differences between the two following images?

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In Search of Cooling Trends

by Verity Jones and Tony Brown (Tonyb) Back in October Tony asked me to help with a big idea.  Searching Norwegian climate site Rimfrost ( Tony had found many climate stations all over the world with a cooling trend in … Continue reading

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“They believe it is cyclical”

(and they should know – surely – they run the weather station!) I have a habit of taking photos from planes when travelling, even though they usually turn out to be “Why the hell did I take that one?” shots.  … Continue reading

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Canada – 5: Warming North of the Border

Before moving on from Canada, just one more thing.  Kevin reminded me this evening of two things. Big things. First Canada’s size (second largest country in the Northern Hemisphere) and therefore relative importance in climate terms. So why has it … Continue reading

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Canada – 4: Anomalies and Comparisons

A few weeks back – I started to look at the temperature record in Canada and found it to be quite strange to stay the least.  Part 1, showed an unusually large number of very short temperature records for Canada … Continue reading

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Canada – Top of the Hockey League (Part 1)

The Shape of the Data How many thermometers do you need to report accurately on climate change in a country the size of Canada?  Let me remind you that is 3.5 million square miles – or 6.7% of the land … Continue reading

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Climate Fast Food

“How would you like your climate trends, sir? Homogenised, data treated the same the world over with no regard for local conditions? Carefully prepared using the best raw data from reliable sources with a long operational history and local knowledge?” … Continue reading

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