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How Time Flies…

Is it really more than 3 months since I last posted something?  I can easily believe it.  What excuse would you like me to make? I have many, but thankfully this time I’ve no reason to blame a black dog … Continue reading

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Iceberg of disagreement

This was new to me. Not the differing forms of disagreement, but that someone bothered to put it into a simple but convincing hierarchy. Nice! Figure: “Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement” from clear refutation to mere vituperation, based on the essay … Continue reading

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Never Mind Rwanda, Eat Vegetables!

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood ? ? ? It seems the Irish Independent is truly independent, unlike its British marxist sister version. ? The UN has released its latest report into…

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Climate change increases weather

Am I allowed a touch of shadenfreude? Again.  Paul Homewood and Pierre Gosselin highlight the embarrassing “Just Say Anything as long as you blame Climate Change” from Met Office Chief Dame Julia Slingo. Last year it was drought: And don’t … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

I made it! It’s been a bit of a gallop getting Christmas prep done this year, but here I am with everything in hand and time to post a picture. Wow! Blogging has been non-existent of late for a plethora … Continue reading

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Bussard Revisited

Sir Harold Spencer Jones, British Astronomer Royal, famously remarked “Space travel is bunk”.   This observation attracted much ridicule over the years although it is clear that Jones was talking about inter stellar travel which may well be impossible. The search … Continue reading

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Electric Power in Florida

This little study got started several years ago because Florida Power & Light and its parent (Next Era Energy) were vigorously lobbying for rate increases and subsidies to support their craving for “Green Energy”. Was FP&L about to go “Green” … Continue reading

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The Rain Gain Refrain

Is the recent UK rain exceptional? Guest post by Charles Duncan [Update 31/12/12. Clarification added on final graph] Watching a Channel 4 programme about recent weather, and specifically the claimed increase in rainfall in the UK. Devon and Cornwall in … Continue reading

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The virtue of silence

According to Mark Twain “If you have nothing to say, say nothing”.  There are several reasons behind the quiet blog, however. ‘Losing my voice’ has been gradual.  In the past when I spotted bias or omission, I had to have … Continue reading

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A Good Question

Commenter “Abraham” asked a few days ago: What do you believe to be the cause or causes for such a large majority of active climate scientists and scientists in general to believe AGW IS settled science and that the theory … Continue reading

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