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Man on a train

I was on an early train on Friday. Normally I try to work, or doze; occasionally it is nice to fall into conversation with fellow passengers. There’s something about trains that seems conducive to such behaviour. About an hour from … Continue reading

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The Unpleasant Green Core

My attention was drawn this morning to a new blog by Martin Durkan (he of the Great Global Warming Swindle fame). He promises: “…a series of blog pieces to explore the green politics behind global warming …..”

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When Amy met NOAA (and JPMorgan Chase and WWF and …)

After being prompted by Willis E’s recent Open Letter to Google thread on WUWT to blog on the topic of Do Google Do Evil?, I thought I might as well do some further ‘digging in the clay’. To follow up … Continue reading

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Does Google Do Evil?

OK my title is a bit of media sensationalism but so what, you are now reading this thread as a result aren’t you? I’ll admit though that it should really say ‘Is Google biased towards the man-made global warming/climate change … Continue reading

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Vote for WUWT

Do you, like me, think that Watts Up With That is the best science blog on the Internet? If so then why not vote for WUWT in the ‘2011 Bloggies’. WUWT has been nominated in the ‘Best Science Weblog’ category … Continue reading

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A year of blogging…

A full year has gone by since this blog first inflicted my opinions, and subsequently graphs and maps, on the wider world.  The first offering “The Hockey Stick – A flawed icon” explained the naming of the blog; the second “Climate … Continue reading

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GHCN V3 Beta: Part 1 – A First Look at Station Inventory data

By KevinUK and Verity Jones Zeke Hausfather’s first look at the new NCDC GHCN v3 beta dataset immediately plots some comparisons of V3 with V2 and shows just how little change (according to Zeke) the new dataset brings to the graph … Continue reading

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Cruising the Northwest Passage

Would you? I would. I’d jump at the chance.  Lottery win required first probably (unless one of those mythical cheques from Big Oil turns up…).   Several companies now offer such cruises and report full bookings (and by the way I … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Ice Break Up

As the ice parts for passage through the Laptev Sea, on the other side of the Arctic, the Northwest Passage continues to lure and fascinate – me as well as those hoping to transit the passage this year (Previous post … Continue reading

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And into the ice…

Time for another catch up on some of the polar sailing expeditions. Northeastern side first. Previous posts on this are:

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